Schizo studies at the nimh

I requested to goto a NIMH Schizo study and I was accepted to go, I highly recommend it.

while I was there, I had a magnetoencephalography test, perhaps somebody can confirm that test can determine if you really have schizo or not, they said I do not have schizo.

I do think I have some nerve damage in my brain now tho. I have an autoimmune disorder called myasthenia gravis, where my immune system seems to remove the acetycholine from my nervous system, including my brain it seems, I’m an odd duck I guess, I think it’s due to my cycling hobby and biking long distances with my ocular myasthenia.

anyway, anybody else out there goto the NIMH for a study? I’d like to thank them for all of their help.
And recommend to everyone that they give it a try, volunteer and goto a study.

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Thats interesting - I see that the MEG test is commonly used in evaluating epilepsy:

“There are many uses for MEG, including determining the function of various parts of the brain and localizing epileptic activity.”


“now scientists are moving closer to developing a “test” for schizophrenia based on nuances in schizophrenic patients’ electrical brain activity.”

Have you been diagnosed with schizophrenia before by psychiatrists?

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i think i’ve been accused of having just about evrything at this point, schizo, schizo affective, bipolar, you name it. but i can trace it to the myasthenia gravis acting up. i can imagine if you aready have an autoimmune disorder interfering with acetycholine, then any psych diagnosis can fit as my acetycholine levels drop out and my eye droops shut (ptosis).

I had double vision, and continued to ride with my local bike club, sometimes 150 miles over a weekend. I logged it on a calendar, each bike trip as the heat went up, I’d have an attack or ‘crisis’ in MG terms, my muscles would twich or go numb, breathing seemed difficult, and my brain would fire in all directions.

the acetycholinerase inhibitor really helps my brain, the brain issues are most disabling to me now, and it hits when it’s hot and I get too much exercise, get upset over something. more of a neurological issue. need aneurologist versus a psychiatrist, I’m going back and forth, trying to find somebody locally who can help, but Mayo seems to be the only helpful place.


But they`re the BEST!