Magnetic Seizure Therapy in Treatment-Resistant Schizophrenia: A Pilot Study


I wish I could understand all the info, from what I gather it’s similar in how it stimulates part of the brain with ect but with little to no cognitive side effects. The name is scary tho. At least you’re under anesthesia. And it’s more intended for treatment resistant sz. Yay for new ways to treat sz.

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Basically they are using an rtms device. (repetitive transcranial magnetic therapy)

rtms uses a low hertz level so less power. I did low frequency rtms 1hz.

mst would use something like 50hz I think. the amount that is enough to cause a seizure via magnetic stimulation.

so it focuses on a specific part of the brain versus ECT that stimulates your whole brain

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I’ve got a better idea…

Fridge magnet earrings.

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