Made up my mind about coming off meds

I’m coming off the meds. I have not spoken to her yet but my GP will wean me off. They said they’d wean me off in six months and its been a little over that. I have to do this with or without anyone’s support. I feel I have to take this risk. No one knows whats going to happen for sure.


I wouldnt do that. Meds are a necessity for us.

I’m not on any meds.

for me, at this time, I have no symptoms.

I don’t recommend what you are doing - but if you do it you should have a plan in case you have a bad episode and become fully psychotic. What you can do is have an advanced directive pre-created and signed and held by people who care for you so that they can help if something bad happens:

Here are some good links:

Here is an example of the forms:


Well it’s gamble. Good luck.

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Good luck. Try not to rush things and I wish you the best.

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Make sure you keep some meds on hand just in case so the second you feel things going belly up, you’ll have something to help.

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wow!!!..that is a huge step…wishing you the best…

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This is great. Another way to empower my son.