I'm seriously considering going off meds


I’ll just go psychotic for a short period. My husband will keep me safe. Then I will stabilize and everything will be fine. I hate taking meds. I hate that I’m going to die early. I hate that my liver and kidneys are going to fail any day now. I hate that my poor brain has no idea what I’m asking it to do. I’ve got an upper one minute and a downer the next. If I wasn’t sick before the meds I sure am now. It just seems like I’m popping all these pills and waiting to die. It’s terrible.


i think you may need a stay in psych hospital just to help sort yourself out…also I wouldn’t risk going off meds


I wouldn’t risk going off meds too, I think you need help on that, try talking to your psychiatrist and therapist.


Don’t go off cold turkey


sounds like you aren’t stable enough to go off meds. I wouldn’t rely on someone else keeping you “safe” either.


I wouldn’t get off of your meds @leaf.
You have a family to consider.
Don’t do it.


Every once in a while when I need to stay awake all day and I didn’t get much sleep the night before, I don’t take my morning med’s. I do that very seldom, though. Be careful.


@crimby what happens when you skip your meds?


If you do please use supplements and exercise and don’t believe in the delusions!


When I go cold turkey off of my medication I become extremely manic!


With Geodon, the first time I skip my med’s I’m a little more intense, a little more anxious. That tension often turns into euphoria. Sometimes it feels good. I haven’t skipped more than once at a time with Geodon, so I don’t know what happens after that, but I strongly suspect I would run amok. When I get off the decoate shots - I’ve been on both Haldol decoate and Prolixin decoate - it takes a while before I feel it, but I end up badly delusional and paranoid. It gets worse and worse until I have to get an emergency commitment.


Just reduce the dosage
coming off all the meds is dangerous