Made a song about how society leaves people behind

So I was frustrated today and of course from intense emotions (hopefully) comes good music. I made a song with the beat I made earlier from the perspective of suburban america and all the weird sh!t that goes on there that no one ever talks bout lol. short song cuz Im not the best lyricist, but I also had help

@Jonnybegood took the second verse on this one, and if he hadnt idk if I wouldve finished it

Anyway, hope you like and let me know what I can improve if you can :smiley:


sounds good, i really like the second verse. It’s good tune.

good job @zwolfgang and @Jonnybegood


Thanks @lekkerhondje !

Im sure @Jonnybegood will be happy about that, we spent a lot of time on his verse lol


Appreciated @lekkerhondje but this isn’t actually the final version. Thought I could get my flow a little better.

Which I did but zwolfgang is out on a date with some girl or something

So he can’t mix it yet. I got my own version and I killed it this time flow wise yo. One of my favorite mixes of mine ever. Ty.


New final version uploaded :slight_smile:

I was on a date with deeez gunsssss (went to the gym lol)


that’s really good guys :slight_smile: well done


Thanks hap! Im glad you liked it :slight_smile:

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