Mad at myself, mad at the situation

I am feeling pretty dang good these past two years but there are a few things on the bigger scale that still trip me up. That is when it comes time to defend myself. I can only do it once in a while. I’m such a big chicken.

My sis has been saying that she has been feeling like there is a peeper looking into her room. So she’s been shutting the curtains and dressing in the washroom. But she’s been on about this peeper. It’s foggy so maybe she’s just seeing things.

A few days ago I was sure I saw the peeper. Convinced myself that it’s a hallucination. This peeper thing has been happening a bit more. I’m still convinced that it’s a hallucination. So this morning the sis freaked out in her room and runs out and said the peeper was by the back fence.

I go check and there are footprints and an empty vodka bottle in the bushes by our back fence. I’m still too chicken to call the cops because the ones on the beat here know I see things. I should call the cops. But afraid they won’t believe me.
The parents said I should at least let the landlord know since they believe me, don’t touch the bottle or the foot prints or anything else and maybe talk to the cool neighbor to see if they have noticed anything.

I really hate it when my SZ, my paranoia, my doubt in myself keeps me from standing up for myself.

maybe try video taping it with your cell phone so you know it’s real?? I know how you feel no one would believe me either.


Ummm lol this is kinda funny…I think there might actually be a real person in this case. Maybe a homeless person, maybe someone who knows you…but your sis and you both agree that the person exists so I would have to say that they do…

I used to shut the blinds and make my room completely dark before doing something personal and I put duct tape over my webcam so no one could see me. And I swept the room for tiny cameras. Then I still thought someone was watching.

But don’t get mad, I would be flattered…but I am just weird like that…JK actually yeah do tell the landlord and show him the footprints and vodka bottle.


Good suggestion, runner girl.

In situation like these, everybody needs a cool head and strategies. What would u anticipate the cops to do?

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Hi J, I can see things too, as part of my illness. I would get proof that there is someone for certain. Maybe you and your sister or someone else with you can find evidence. Once you do, I would take your parents advice and let the landlord know. Its his responsibility to keep his tenants safe. If he wants to call the cops, its on him.


You’re correct, the cops couldn’t do anything about this. By the time they got here the guy would be gone. If it is someone we know… that would be weird.

My sis just need thicker curtains or maybe to switch rooms with me. I get a little odd about being spied on. I get more exhibitionist then most. If they want to spy on a sick man, I can give them a sick man to spy on, and then they will be sick… :fearful:

Probably couldn’t video tape if it’s in the evening which it probably is which i didn’t think about. i think switching rooms is a good idea.

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She’s out filming the “scene” right now. Though foot prints and a vodka bottle doesn’t prove anything on a shortcut path to the beach.

We’ll go see the landlord when he gets home. It’s good advice. Thank you.

Honestly I think it’s possibly someone who knows your sis. Probably some guy who knows her. I say that because homeless people probably don’t know exactly where to find young women changing clothes…

But I would be more than a little freaked out if I were in your position. I would go camp outside with my MMA gloves on, waiting for the creeper to show up, but that’s just my Irish genes coming out, dont listen to me.

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I keep telling myself that I am a pacifist… and that is a long list of people to try and knock off. :wink:

I can only say would I would do and I would probably call the police and yes talk to your landlord. The chances of the police being able to do much are slim but still if the person doing this sees the police looking around than that may cause them to stop doing it. Regardless of who they are or why they are doing it. It is wrong.

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My neighbors have a surveillance system installed, or hidden cameras, which have helped them by catching one reckless neighbor in the act of trying to slash their tires.

There was a peeping Tom in our neighborhood. One morning after seeing him at the window the neighbors called the cops. They brought dogs out to track his trail. Eventually they found out who he was and decided he was harmless.

When we are on a thread… a box will appear at the bottom of the screen with older topics. I clicked on this one forgetting that I was me who made it… I wanted to update…

Our peepers got found. It was an older couple who moved in to the building and they do take the short cut trail behind our yard. They stop and hang out on the little trail behind our place and listen to my sis play her piano.

My sis caught them hanging out and ran outside to talk to them so now we know. There was someone out there, it wasn’t a hallucination. :relieved:

But they were sorry they freaked us out. So now we don’t get too upset when they are walking their little dog and hanging out by our fence. They just listen to my sis on her piano.

It felt so good to know that we weren’t having a joint hallucination/ paranoia episode.


thats good to know, nobody wants a stalker lol, i was going to suggest setting traps for them haha ‘maybe not a good idea now’ haha

looks like your sis has got an audience now anyway haha, she must be very good at her piano lol

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That’s a phobia if you can’t prove it.

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glad it was innocent like that and all is well. :slight_smile:

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