Do you have paranoia that people visit your place secretly

I have this sometimes, it is very annoying …

yes. I had and sometimes still get delusions that I am questioned in the middle of the night and then given a roofie and a sleeping pill. It’s because I used to get false memories- I confused my dreams with reality. I hardly get these delusions anymore, and when i do its like “huh, a delusion crossed my mind” and it stops there.

I put odd things in odd places thinking that if they are moved when I come home then someone has been there. I’ll put plates on the piano keys and I’ll put glasses of water on the floor in front of my bedroom door. But I live with my sister and then she comes home and cleans the house so I never know if they were there or not.

I can’t tell her not to clean… it is her piano.

I once thought the landlord had poisoned my kool aid, but not lately.

Every time I loose something I immediately think someone stole it and I get mad.

i thought about putting sand underneath the mat , inside the front door, so the weight of the human would leave pressure foot imprints but never did it , i realized that people were not visiting me secretly.
take care

I suppose I was already overly paranoid in the 1990s in America, when I configured my desktop computer with a video camera to take photos of any persons who visited secretly my room in one house in Atlanta, nobody ever visited and there were never any photos of people in my computing system. I had a good remote sensing security device that I integrated with my desktop PC and a camera. Then in April 1998 I started hearing voices.

I have the same thing, recently a fork disappeared in my place and I could not find it, I immediately thought somebody got it.

I live next to the psych ward / the hospital and sometimes when I have been in the ward I have asked that a psychiatrist gives me a permission to go to my place during the day for a while to check that nobody has visited my place secretly. It is actually a very annoying symptom of this illness.

I have actual proof x5… But seriously, no one cares.

before when I was waking up, I was hearing conversation from distance, I was thinking there are people who visited me. than I learned that its hypnopompic hallucinations that lasts 2 sec.

In the past I went so far with my paranoia that I did hide a minitape or digital recorder in my rooms and these had an automatic voice activation capability and if somebody visited my rooms secretly, these were automatically recorded on these recorders. No people were ever detected in this way, because nobody ever visited. It just has been paranoia.

yup I get that idea a lot, but anyway I learned not to have secrets so I have nothing to hide so I can’t worry about it, the idea doesn’t bother me.

My wife certainly thought people were coming around in the night or when we were away and before medication at times would tie strands of her hair on latches.

I am like that too, in 1999 in America I started posting all kinds of private and personal infomation on the net, because I thought that if some people got this by spying on me, so let the whole world have it. It may have always been in my mind me being just a crazy also during the 1990s, I remember my paranoia started in May 1991 when some people tried to prevent my thesis being accepted in the university, I started suspecting many people, in a way I was becoming crazy already then.

In my thesis in America in 1991 I saw the failure of one multi-billion dollar company and I wrote about it, they had to sell their operations three years later as I had seen it, but there were people who had clear interests never to let my thesis to be published and it was secret for three years, so my paranoid behaviors started very early when I was just 23 years old in Atlanta.

i have these thoughts very strongly i changed my front door lock like a dozen times.
to the point that i did change it in such a a haste that i couldnt open it anymore and called
my dad and he said too have a locksmith come over.

now i am devicing other things too see people did come into my home.
and i have one occasion that they did visit…

Back in 1996 I had an office room in one house in Atlanta and I decided to change locks to this room, my former U.S. woman was against it, but I changed it anyway before we went to Venezuela, after this trip she went to the house before I did, because I stayed in Miami for a while, she could not open the door to my room, after I returned back to the house later, she was mad and said she would divorce me, which she did in 2000. It was my home office room where I kept my business info.

I think that sometimes. i thought the cops were after me in 2009 during my last psychosis. . I still think it actually sometimes. and i still don’t trust my shrink all that much. He’s nice to me but i think he wouldn’t hesitate to throw me under the bus. He’s nice but cold in a way. maybe you have to be that way dealing stuff like this. Distance yourself i mean. Honestly i think he could really care less about me. I could be wrong but i kind of feel that way. .

I am always visted. I live wit millions.