Banished to the library.... foot in mouth problems

It has been a hard morning for me. The fog has been making my head circus act up. I even started smelling smoke. There is not smoke or fire.

We were in the process of switching bedrooms because she’s convinced she saw a peeper by our back yard fence. Her room is bigger then mine but if I sleep walk, I’ll most likely go to my old room. As we’re doing this because of the peeper, my Dad came over and looked everything over and I stupidly said…

“Well, I didn’t actually see a peeper, I might have, but I might not have… it could have been a hallucination in the fog… And you know, the kid sis has been under a lot of stress lately.” (strike one)

I then stupidly tried to cheer my sis up by telling her… "Kid sis, it’s perfectly OK if you think you saw a peeper, Dad agrees we’re both not well. So see, we both might hallucinating… (strike two)

I told a joke that didn’t make it. (strike three) So I’m here at the library. But man, this is the loudest library I’ve ever been in. I’ll bring my sis here and then I don’t have to keep my voice down and I can tell her all the things I usually ponder about in a library.

sorry your having a rough day…i woke up with a dry and kinda sore throat, which I hope goes away by tomorrow, I have personal training on tuesday and thursday and I cant be sick while powerlifting…

I think you should expose yourself to the peeper and let him be disappointed, LOL I would so do that


Sorry about your rough morning. It’s good that you’re switching rooms. This will give you a better view of the peeper. And he’ll be sorry that it isn’t your sister anymore.

Sore throat… warm water with honey and lemon? Herbal tea and a good steamy bath. Rest. I hope you feel better.

Thank you for that. She wouldn’t make this up. I should support her either way. She totally supported me in some of my beliefs and there were a few that turned out to be real.

yeah I will rest easy tonight and tomorrow. Hopefully I will be ready to go beast mode on tuesday and flip over cars and the usual.

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J, I’m glad that you ponder.

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Well now that you have your foot out of your mouth :wink: I hope kid sis forgives you. Of course she will…

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I get WAY too paranoid in a library. It’s just one those places I can’t go. I don’t know why but it freaks me out.

Gee… I hope it’s not Foot-and-mouth disease.

Just joking of course…

It took a while… (2 hours)… but I am forgiven. :innocent:

I have never been in such a loud library. You don’t have to keep your voice down. I can talk in this library. She was taking me to this one that was very quiet and I didn’t feel right about telling her what I wanted to tell her. But now that I found this one… We can hang out with the books and I can still tell her all my ideas.

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