Anyone's mom make your life a living hell?

Anyone here have parents who make your life a living hell because they don’t understand mental illness?

I don’t know how much longer I can endure this

Let’s talk if we can offer eachother support

What issues are you having specifically?

Are they putting to high of expectations on you?

Yes and telling me I don’t have enough to think about because I don’t work. Yes they expect me tobe normal

My mom is full of pride and I can’t stand her anymore. She has no love for her daughter

Yeah that is unfair. I’m sorry. Gotta tough it out though.

How long have you been sick? What is your outlook on recovery? Are you happy with your life aside from family pressure? Do you have activities you enjoy?

She is pure evil and full of satan himself

Well if you just want to vent that’s cool as well.

I would have to disagree with that statement, but as an expression I can see where you’re coming from.

I love my life feel sorry for those who are not as blessed as me. The only problem. In my life is my mom I keep very active with art, friends and going to a day program. My mom is so full of herself and full of pride

Okay how about she is full of demons ever heard of legion in the bible?

It’s good that you are active. It is terrible your mom is not more sympathetic to your struggles.

How about functioning. What is keeping you from working?

Yeah I don’t believe in mythology

Not only do I have mental problems but I also have seizures. It’s impossible to work

What are your beliefs , just a side note…

The original human experience wasn’t muddled with words. That is the kind of worldview I want.

Is there a God? We are clearly not supposed to know. I could see the universe working with a creator. I can also see it working without one.

There definitely isn’t an afterlife. We are an electro-chemical storm across neurons and nerves. When the body dies so does the perceiver.

I’m sorry you can’t work. I’m not quite in a position to work yet either.

Do you see yourself getting better with time?

I’ve entertained all the ideas. How can anyone pick a religion and believe with any amount of confidence that it is the true one among the others. Also considering that religions that once dominated and are now defunct.

Look at all the tribes and all the various theologies out there. It’s pretty evident that its human nature to make that ■■■■ up.

Meanwhile people are killing each other out there because their ideologies aren’t compatible or divine rights overlap and a bunch of really stupid ■■■■ that should just stop.

They think its actually real? It seems insane to me.

On sociological and psychological levels I see why religion works. It has nothing to do with its validity as a proposition for the nature of reality. Particles in empty space. One dimension.

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You know its easy to get lost in religion and get all turned around if you aren’t careful,I know of a bunch of people that have done that.

Im not saying don’t believe just be careful or you might end up in some sick cult and not even know it.

Im only saying this because you seem kinda religious like.

I thought that my ma was conciously working for a cult by getting me stranded in a small fanatical town that is not where I should be but I realized that she did’nt mean to,maybe your ma doesn’t mean what she does.

We can be co dependent upon our parents, and it makes it tough.

I wish I could stop the tongue lashing I get to other members of the family about me.

but they don’t realize they are doing it.

I don’t always back down either, and often speak my mind.

Yeah, my friends mom.
She hated me. Maybe because we spent our high school years smoking pot in his room.

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My mom is like an angel. I use to really think she was satan, I was Jesus and we were at war with eachother on my voices level. I would hear her saying “I can’t stand you.” and her voice sounded like a snake to me.

But now I know, I made it all up and she is just a sweet lady.