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Lumosity doesn’t actually improve your cognitive skills



Hi. I suspected as much. Neuroplasticity my ass! I’ve found that improving the old grey matter is helped by things like exercise and not puzzles. A half hour walk at a good pace is probably way more beneficial for the brain!


wait wait… how is doing puzzles that improve your puzzle ability not helping with your brain power… its like saying math doesn’t stimulate your mind it only makes you better at math…or walking doesn’t improve your health it only makes you better at walking… what the hell are they talking about…

one more…reading doesn’t enrich your mind it only makes you better at reading so ditch the books nerds… lol lol lol
im calling bs on this link if you couldn’t tell… its little one line preview already shot its argument in the foot…


I will keep trying though, I don’t care what they say…


The problem is that intelligence is multi-faceted and hence hard to measure and so proving an effect is very difficult. Sometimes scientists have a hard time proving the obvious, it’s like trying to prove the theory of evolution. It’s reasonable to assume that these brain games improve thinking skills.


I understand and agree… [quote=“cris2433, post:1, topic:87850”]
Lumosity’s main benefit is to make you better at playing Lumosity’s games

but that little line… is so full of its self and crap I had to pick on it…


i agree with this