Lovebug is spayed

She was getting fat…

8 new angels


What do you mean by spayed? That means no puppies possible.

That sure is what I thought too @chordy… The vet said after I picked her up that she was spayed. I have had her for 3 years.

Oh huh how adorable! I wish I could havery a dog or cat where I live but of course there are no pets allowed in assisted living. What are you going to do with them? What breed are they ?

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They are mutts. I will just have to see about training and rehoming.

I had a male cat once that was neutered and lo and behold he mated with one of the unspayed female cats and she got pregnant…sometimes i think the vets botch the job?

Your dog looks similar to mine that is part Beagle, part Boston terrier, and part something else…

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I don’t know what she is. My husband found her in the middle of the road.

Good save he made!

I rescued a run over kitten from the middle of the road and she survived and lived to have 5 of her own kittens…

Looks at least a good part beagle…

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She’s rather tall. Very odd shaped head, almost boxer like. Distinctly laying down ears. Brindle and white. Muscular. I have no clue, we have sat for hours guessing. She is definitely terrier crossed with something. I am willing to bet she has bully blood in her. I don’t know.

oh how precious!!! gotta love puppies

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I would get my dollars back on that spay job!
But those babies are cuties!

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Maybe part pit bull?

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Could be. She is very sweet and people oriented, very pitbull like.

Well, I didn’t pay for it as the vet said it was already done!