Prayers and well wishes for Mouser the stray cat!

I was in town today when I heard a crying sound. I could not tell if it was a baby or a dog or cat. I followed the sound to dumpster and found a cat about 4 years old, in horrible condition, I am pretty sure she was attacked by a dog.

Her left hind leg was degloved (the skin peeled off) and she had a massive chunk (about four inches) of flesh ripped mostly off the back of her thigh and hanging there. The smell was godawful, I took her to the vet and she says its a 25% chance of survival if they can stabilize her enough to amputate the leg within the next 24 hours.

My heart is breaking for this cat. It is so obvious that she had a home and they dumped her instead of taking her to the vet, because she was inside a trash bag and had a collar. I ended up missing my shift at work, but my boss completely understood and even offered to pay for half the vet bills (I love my boss he is awesome).

I just ask that you keep little Mouser as I have decided to call her in your minds and hearts. When I picked her up she purred and rubbed her head on my chin, and even when the vet was handling her leg, she never cried out or tried to bite. She is a beautiful ginger and white cat with an angel shaped white mark on her side (admittedly it takes some imagination to get an angel from that shape)

Ohh! Glad you saved her!
Your boss is indeed awesome!

I am staying up all night waiting for the vet to call to see if Mouser is gonna be able to go for surgery, since the vet and the vet tech both said theyd stay with her at the office and keep an eye on her.

I love my Vet too, shes the wife of one of my previous Pdocs who had to drop me for insurance reasons (my insurance would no longer cover his fees, but he kept seeing me pro bono until I found a new Pdoc) This family in general is awesome, the husband is a respected psychotherapist, the wife is a Veterinary Surgeon, the oldest daughter is a pediatric oncologist, the son is a veterinary cardiologist, an the youngest daughter is my creepy stalker!!! Not kidding the girl follows me around hiding behind the corners when I am there for vet visits…it is actually really adorable (shes 12)

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The vet says Mouser may not have to lose her leg! they are going to try removing the dead tissue and closing up the wound as much as they can to see if it heals, she will have a limp for the rest of her life after, but she would be 4 legged still.

Also the campus police tracked down her owner, who reported her as having been killed by a neighbors dog. She confessed, after being told the cat had been found, that her boyfriends cocker spaniel did it and that she didn’t take the cat to the vet because she thought the wound would heal on its own. She will likely face criminal charges.


Good! She deserves it.

What’s going to happen to the kitty after the vet? Are you keeping her until you find an owner?

I may keep her forever, it depends on the long term care she needs, I wouldn’t want to take her on if she needs more care than I can provide

I will keep her with me until she finds a home though

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That’s good! Good luck!

further update!

Mousers name is Salem, and is actually a neutered male, because of the matted fur and not wanting to hurt him we didn’t do a thorough check

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