My dog is having puppies!

I’m so excited I decided I wanted to share this with everyone! She’s in labor , so now I just wait.
I’m naming all the pups after food:)

*No were not breeding her, she is a mutt who got out one day. No, we shouldn’t have got her fix because we’re keeping all the pups.


Oh cool
Let us know how many she has

One puppy has been born!

sweet :dog:
take care :alien:

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I was a dog in a past life.

I was a bad dog though, so as punishment i was reincarnated into a human.


When I was a kid, we mated our male bulldog with the neighbors female shiz-zu.
When it had a puppy we called it a bullsh*t.


if u can then why not put up ur pup pic in this…

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She had threee:D


which breed this tiny pup belongs to…???
is it st. bernard…
so cute…

keep one 4 me…

I already named them.
Sugar, chip and oatmeal:)
They are all going to be tiny and long like dashunds.

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so ur keeping all four…

Yes, why would I get rid of my dog? Lol
I’m sure the pups will make a nice addition:)

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May they be very happy

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Great to see :smile: Thanks for brightening my day, love puppies.

**So sweet! :dog:
They`ll bring lots of joy! **

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Yeah they could bring joy to lots if you have a webcam and like to share

be sure to post a link if you wanna share :wink: )

Aww, wow! That website is so cool:)
If I can find a way to place the Webcam by them without the mom eating the cord I will:)

yaaaaaay!! congrats, and may the pups be happy and healthy. I wanna know what you name them :smile:

I named the runt suga®, the black one chip and the tan one oatmeal.
I wanted to name the black one potata, but I don’t think anyone would like that,lol