Wanna see cuteness? Look inside at Muppet the Schnauzer

This is Muppett, a 1.5 year old full-size Schnauzer that my wife and I adopted last night. She slept on the bed, and is a cuddler!


Hey @anon40540444 - she is a cutey all right. I finally did a genetic test on my beloved mixed breed dog. The results came back.
He is a Chow Chow, Dachshund, and Miniature Schnauzer Mix - He doesn’t look like a Schnauzer though - more Chow, Dachshund like - Best of luck with your new dog

Hey @Wave what an interesting mix of breeds. Do you have a picture of your pup?

I dont know how to post a pic - I will get one and ask my brother to help me post - I want to be able to show off my dog too! He is beautiful looking, just like your pup

Just drag and drop the picture from your computer into the reply section of the new post.

Thanks alien - I will try this, but I know I will have to rely on my brother

She’s so cute Alien! What is her name?

Muppet is her name. She’s like the best dog I’ve ever had!

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@Wave - I agree with Alien, please post a pic, can’t get a mental image of what your baby looks like. Sounds interesting:)

Adorable little Muppet! What a perfect name for the little fuzzball.
I love Schnauzers; they are the greatest dogs ever! Super smart and entertaining.
Here’s my black mini-schnauzer, Augie Doggie, in his younger days:

I wish I could get him to latch on to my son more than me. But when I’m in the house, he shadows my every move.

Congratulations on your little bundle of joy!


One of my friends has a chow chow. Black furry purple tongued submissive yet energetic nutjob of a beast. Jumped on me and then licked my hands for a whole minute then ran around in circles. He taught it to be submissive and it loves people. Its name is teddy.

My dog is a harehound and his name is Budge because on walks he will stop and wont move and I yelled COME ON, BUDGE DAMMIT and my grandfather calls kids budge too


Hey @mortimermouse - My dog has some Chow in him, but he doesn’t have all that hair that Chows have. He does have a slight blueish/purplish tint to his tongue - His face/head looks Dachshund like