Love stinks

I had a worker that moved on with her life. And I phoned her up one night and told her I was in love with her and she was speechless for 4 seconds flat . Then she said she’s flattered that I would say that then she was getting mad. Then she said I care about you a lot, take care bye. And I never heard from her again this was Jan 1st . She has absolutely nothing to do with me now blocked my number . It’s really painful . After she hung up the phone on me I took some sleeping pills and 100 mg of trazadone . Almost died . Wish I would of

That is rough. I’m sorry that occurred. She was probably confused but shouldn’t have cut off all contact. Have you talked to anyone about this?
Take care.

You got to learn to recognize it when it comes around. Not just your potential to love someone, but also their potential to love you.

Some people keep themselves hidden and others are very up front.

You also got to learn to get over it when they aren’t interested.

You will only feel like a fool if you go barking up the wrong tree. Making the pain worse as failures in the matters of love cut deep.

It’ll come around again man. Be open minded unless you’ve got the patience to hold out for “the one.”

Ya that is so cold how she just left me in the dark

Love is good, but love usually causes trouble, can’t love eachother if you don’t love eachother as well, the worst though is making love.

Only english can one say i love you and i love chocolate milk and romance is love.

These are entirely different things here.

Love can be painful when the other one does not love you back. Can be painful in many ways. It was bad of her to cut the contact completely. But that is a problem with her, not you.

I have a painful love problem reversed of you. There is a man loving me at work. But I am married and have anhedonia. I feel nothing for my family or the other man. It’s painful not to feel anything. But I won’t leave or cheat on my husband. It propably feels good to be loved by other people.

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