Love hurts

Its been 3 and a half years that i felt this way about her. I just gotta accept she doesnt feel the same way about me and move on. I really had myself convinced she had feelings for me to. It hurts alot, been balling my eyes out for a while. Shes with her family far away from me. The one that got away :cold_sweat:


It happens Jimmyjam. Give it some time. I don’t think we ever forget the “the one that got away”. It doesn’t help to dwell on it, trust me. Keep your chin up, you may meet someone, you never know.

The only love that won`t hurt is a dog, they are the best friends especially when feeling rejected.

Know the feeling. Lucky for me the pills have killed those emotions so I don’t feel them like I would have.

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"Love hurts"
nature’s love can hurt, but nature’s love can recover great joy as well.

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I don’t know if I’ve ever had “the one” get away. No one specifically has been that special to me. However, I am infatuated with a voice in my head that calls herself my wife. I don’t want to say I’m in love with her but I am very attached to her and feel myself wanting to meet her in real life. I know it’s erotomania but I don’t know how to get rid of her and sometimes I don’t want to. It’s actually very debilitating because she has been blocking me from putting myself out there to meet someone special.

Tis true.

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Your link isn’t working for me. Nevermind, is now.

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It’s okay to be sad and grieve for a time, @Jimmyjam. You have a capacity to love someone and that’s wonderful. :heartpulse:


love bites, love bleeds

You ever try special k?

nah I am like a zombie. I do not do drugs but I like the cereal special k :slight_smile:

It is nice to hear you are mourning for someone… at least you are feeling something.
I am exhausted, agitated and awake.

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Isn’t that what he was asking??? Lol. He was asking if you ever tried the cereal special K. It’s really healthy for you. :slight_smile:

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I hope this helps

I’ve got a “one that got away” too. But with the passage of time I think I’m glad. It could have been bad for both of us.

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i’ve got a “one that got away” too. she had 8 legs

I was wrong I come back to correct myself… being rejected by less than caring people is not a bad thing (blessing in disguise). The rejection from less than caring people feels like “being kicked out of hell”. Carry on until you meet genuine person who is kind at the core of their being! :slight_smile:

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