FML, I think I felt in love again

Those eyes, those dreamy eyes. I´ve never seen someone so clever, flirty and beautiful before. She is completely out of my league right now. She moves so graciously, her hands are perfect. Her voice is so soft and those changes in pitch and expression are so well thought… I swear to god she was trying to flirt with me last night, but I think it´s in her personality. Yesterday, we were in a party and I got the guts (for the first time) to look her in the eye, and listen to her talking about whatever and respond in a coherent way. And I realized how much this girl drives me crazy. Before that we didn´t talk to each other because I was very shy around her.

That beeing said, she is the gf of a good friend, but they never seem too close to each other in terms of physical contact which is weird. I am aswell very out of shape and I don´t feel prepared to “give love” right now. Good thing is that I have become determinated to do exercise and diet since yesterday.

I don´t know what to do in the future. For me she is the most beautiful girl in the world.


Is it worth ruining a friendship over her?
Your call.


Don’t pursue your friend’s girlfriend even if they’re not close to each other. But I’m glad you have good feelings toward her. That’s something you can dream about. And maybe it lets you know there are other girls out there who are kind and pretty that you can have a relationship with


yea don’t go after your friend’s gf… it’s not worth it… you would lose a friend most likely and who knows if the relationship even would keep going, then you would lose 2 people.

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Dude you have a history of misinterpreting signals from girls and falling into erotomania. Please keep yourself in check before you ruin a friendship.


There’s more girls out there like her. Have it be motivation to lose weight.


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