Lots of Headaches

Does anyone else get headaches a Lot. it seems like i get headaches almost everyday.

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Too bright and too much electrical buzz gives me headaches too. When I was first getting sick, the fridge used to drive me up the wall. I had to unplug it. It sounded like a power mower in the room. But the kid sis said she hardly heard it.
So it was just me.

It now depends on stress levels. I’ve just been through a negative interaction with a younger brother and as result, got upset. My headache came back, the buzzing was getting to me. Plus the voices act up when I’m upset. I was getting the pulsating vision again. When I take a bath and just try and be silent, it starts to fade.

Also, if I can’t sleep or I get just way to tired it comes back just as fresh and potent as before.

I don’t own a T.V. any more. Everything about it is triggering. I can’t take it. The shows are mean and vile and angry. The humor is always at someone’s expense and it’s too much. I can watch a little food network on the computer, but after 10 minutes, I have to get away.

A nice walk around the court yard of our building helps too.

Can I ask what your headaches feel like? Sorry that may sound odd but are they all over your head or centered in one spot like the left or right side. For some if the headache is centered around the eyes and forehead it may be sinus related. There are different types of headaches. Since yours last so long and you seem to be sensitive to light and sound. Have you talked to your doctor about the possibilities of them being migraines. They cause a heightened response to light and sound. Small sounds seem loud. Light can hurt your eyes. Smoking is probably contributing to them. To much or to little sleep can cause them. Having a healthy eating and sleeping schedule should help.

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I am also trying to quit smoking. For a while it was like a ping pong match in my head. Right side, left side, right side. The stress one starts in a sharp point in the top of my head and sort of dribble down the rest of the brain.
The pulsating light for me is definitely a fade in, fade out. I don’t seem to get a lot of slow wave undulating as movement. My head always clicks around fast. Headaches are sharp for me. I joke with my kid sis to please put the remote to my head on one channel and leave it there.

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Glad to you see you made it over from the older forum. Thank you for your earlier post. It’s given me many new ideas.

You could try Advil Migraine. They work good for me. Just be careful not to take more then the bottle says to take. Just like any kind of headache medication if you take to much then it can have the opposite affect and cause headaches. Sometimes I can tell that I’m going to get one as I get what I think is called the halo affect. I see little light spots or stars. Where my vision gets a little blurry. This is usually a sign of one coming. Right away I will take two Advil usually with a coffee and make sure to keep my face relaxed. That may sound odd but clenching my jaw seems to happen with me and that makes it worse. Try to eat something at least 3 times a day. If I don’t eat regularly they can come back. Foods high in preservatives can make them worse too. I can’t eat a lot of all dressed chips as one of the preservatives in them can trigger mine. Same with coffee. I only drink it in the morning now.

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I had to pay a lot of money for glasses and shades because my eyes are extremely light sensitive :frowning: I thought it was a heriditary disease passed on from my mum but now I think it is the meds so I am in the process of testing that theory,

it all seems to be centred around my eyes and when they get sore I get a really bad tension headache at the top front area if my brain and behind my eyes and it’s more on the right side too

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Just a little stress, and nervousness causes me headach. And the headache is not constant. Every 1 minute i get a sharp pain that lasts 5 second and than disappears and continues after 1min. At different place on my head.

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“if someone had a voodoo doll or somehing and was hurting me with it”

It always blows me completely away when someone says a phrase that is exactly like how I say it. I call it the “voodoo pin stabies” Just a pinch or a jab in random places on my body that let me know I’m starting to fade fast. I think when I get nervous, I tense up and when I tense up too much, the muscles rebel and start to twitch, hence the voodoo pin stabies.

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My voodoo pin stabies happen in the legs, upper arms, back and midsection. I think when I tense up it’s like I’m always bracing for a car crash that never comes.

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I was always getting bad headaches in my preteens and teen years. It’s progressed now to migraines round about 4-6 times a year. After a migraine attack which lasts for a few hours it leaves me for a pounding headache.

I used to have a lot of migraines. It was connected to my periods. When I did a hysterectomy my migraines disappeared. I have migraines maybe 2-3 times a year now.

Bright light is a trigger for me.

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i have headaches too. a lot now. i dont go out a lot, i am always with the tv and the internet…plus i smoke a lot…when i am distracted there is less headaches. mine areinside the brain,in the center of it,all over it almost.
do you think sz had them more than the others? i overthink also which can be a trigger, yes…

I just had a headache for a week and now experiencing some vision problems, dizziness and blurriness. Not sure what’s causing it… maybe stress

Seriously. This thread is FOUR ■■■■■■■ YEARS OLD! If you want to talk about headaches, it’s time for a new thread.

Oh haha whoops I did not realise that sorry