I get headaches often

is this from the meds? my general dr. says it is sinuses but I have my doubts.


Do you drink coffee? Sometimes if I don’t get enough coffee I will have a headache. Do you burn candles? they will cause a headache if too many are burning. Maybe you should tell your doctor about it. I don’t mean to cause worry, hope this will help. I love you.


Why do you doubt it’s sinus related?

love you too jukebox. coffee gives me headaches.

we burn candles every friday night but they don’t give me headaches.

do you think the meds (abilify) does it? stress? tension?


I get headaches from sudden temperature changes…

allergies…Stress…a bad nights sleep

too much coffee…hunger… I’ll forget to eat sometimes.

There are a lot of things that can trigger one of my headaches.

Hope you feel better soon…

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I get tension headaches, mostly from driving or stressful days out. But nothing that a good sleep or head and shoulders massage can’t eliminate.

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I would take your doctor’s word for it.

I myself don’t get headaches. It’s strange.

me I had terribles headaches because of lot of thinking and stress. now I have them less since I am on a bigger dose of zyprexa… iwas sure that its psychic… its one of the reasons to continue taking my meds… I still feel quite bad, I am a zombie but that’s my life now,probably it will change :slight_smile: .

When I was on Zyprexa I was mildly depressed. Do you think that med could have something to do with why you’ve been feeling down? There are other AP’s you might try those.