Unusual headaches

I will have to see a doctor for this but I just want to put it here so I can remember what to tell the doc, also I want your opinions and if you deal with the same thing.

So I’ve been having a lot of headaches lately. Not positive why, I have been stressed but not more than usual honestly. I have been a bit more tense and I’ve been clenching my teeth which is usually the cause of my headaches. But headaches as a whole are rare for me. It’s safe for me to say I never get headaches unless you count a 3 second shooting pain in my head/eyes.

But last night I was calming from a mild (panic?) attack so I was having neck spasms. I had a particularly bad spasm and after my head whipped to the side I got a raging headache but I dealt with it. When I came inside it was getting worse so I sat down and told my mom. It was awful, I moaned a bit and allowed her to massage my head and got lightheaded (also common for me so it could’ve been something other than the headache).

With my headaches it’s one spot. Temples, jaw, and sometimes frontal lobe. This one was everywhere. Raging in the temples, front and partially eyes, and prickly on the top of my head. It was unpleasant but I drank some water and it eventually went away. My eyes were sensitive after that though but that’s normal, my eyes are always sensitive. Anyways it made me a little worried. I get neck spasms a lot and more so in the past so I was used to a sudden headache if I had a violent spasm, but it never continues more than a minute. This was maybe 5-10 minutes. I am still getting some aches today as I write this. My neck hurts a little too.

Also I’ve been very shaky lately (more than usual). Just trying to type this is hard because I can’t feel my fingers well and they’re shaking a lot. I feel jumpy and weird, like I missed my meds but I didn’t, I remember taking them this morning. I don’t know. I was really depressed before because I got the “you’re failing this class and you’re going to need to retake it next year and you’re flushing your grades” talk and now I’m on the opposite spectrum. Shaky, weak, really cold, vulnerable to a psychotic break. Head hurts. Everything is bright. My leg is spazzing too, the muscles. (Side question, anyone else have their body spasm when they have an urgent itch? If I don’t itch my leg it feels like I’m being bitten and my leg spasms and my foot contracts and has this weird pressure feeling). Focus is a no-go today.

That sounds like a scary set of symptoms. Definetely doctor territory.

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We’ve been making so many doctor visits I don’t want to have to focus on a third treatment as well :frowning:

Why not. You should see the doctor as many times as it takes. It’s your health.


I guess. I was told in the past not to worry about my messed up nerve system, but I can certainly try again

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You might have hurt your neck with the spasm. You should see a doctor those headaches sound bad.

Okay, thanks Noise I will go see what I can do

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