I blew it I am going to lose this job too

I know I said I won’t be back but could really do with some advice. I just told my colleagues I have issues with my mood. I had to leave early I couldn’t contrate. I’m having withdrawals. What a flimsy reason to leave work early. I feel super stupid for saying anything. They seem supportive but OMG I think they’re gonna judge me. I thought I’d feel better coming out with it but now I’m scared.

I really want this job but if I lose it coz I opened my stupid mouth

And I look really well so I’m worried they think I’m making this up

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I understand just where you’re coming from. But I think you’re catastrophizing. Everyone here is comfortable with the idea of a “mental health day”, which even the healthiest people take from time to time.

If there isn’t another underlying issue, I don’t think you have anything to worry about. Go back on Monday, ask if there’s anything you missed, and be your usual competent self. It will be okay.


I read that you are having withdrawals. Did you stop your meds? Maybe try to treat the withdrawal symptoms and try to self regulate your emotions.


If the issue arises at work on Monday, just tell your supervisor that you have bad stomach aches around your monthly cycle. A female boss would understand, and a male boss wouldn’t question you twice on this.

My wife has used this excuse on occasion to get off work when she needed a day off. Don’t tell the whole office, of course…just your supervisor.

My 2 cents


It’s too late I already told a couple of people. From now on though I’ll just act as though nothing has been said never open my mouth again.

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I think I mostly feel stupid coz my family really don’t accept this illness and whenever I bring it up they brush it off as if there is nothing wrong with me I’m making it up

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I’ve gotten that vibe from family too. Their inability to understand the feelings & symptoms of SZ is what really ticks me. I’m distancing myself from family because to be brutally honest - their judgements of me were too harsh & unsympathetic.

I invested tons into the family & reaped virtually nothing in return. It’s time I stood up for myself and just parted ways. My biological father did that to me when I was 14, my step-dad did that to me when I was 12. I think it’s time I showed a little bit of cold shoulder for once. I never really needed them when I was hardcore religious or military anyways. I’m sure they’ve gossiped the hell out of me too; for I know for a fact my mother has spoken lies about me.

I don’t believe the “family unit” was designed to endure forever anyways. Some mothers & fathers are just so inept and built a weak protection for their young… those walls deserve to fall and people like myself deserve to be free of “family”.

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Next time dont tell your co workers anything - they dont have to know what your DX is or what you are going through.

If you need Accomodations talk to your direct Boss/Supervisor about it, without going into great detail about your DX.

Good luck with everything!


RELAX @anon80629714 for God’s sakes.

YOU WILL NOT LOSE YOUR JOB for saying that you are Mentally Ill.

Get a grip of yourself @anon80629714. Instead they would feel compassion for you and in case they do ask you about it just tell them that you don’t have anything of that sort and that you are perfectly OK.

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Parents have Kids for a REASON

The REASON could be anyone’s guess - ranging from abuse, living their lives from you, using you for their needs and frustrations and the list goes ON and ON…

Anyone who is happy with a lover dosen’t really need a kid.

And this applies to pretty much all fathers and mothers too.

@anon80629714 FYI…I work in one of the Topmost MNC of the world in a highly technical environment.

MY BOSS KNOWS I HAVE DD. Many times I confirm my delusions from him…LOL.

So dont worry.

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And yes one more thing @anon80629714 do not discuss anything with your colleagues, They will exploit it cause it benefits them to see you fail. Unless a colleague is someone you know or is your friend - you could tell them.

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I suggest you read this. It’s about “who” makes your decisions. It has helped me a lot.


Thanks @Bluey that’s really interesting. Great to keep in mind from when those psychotic symptoms arise.

@anon80629714 Don’t worry so much, I don’t think that there’s going to be much of a problem here. You keep doing your job, and if you need a day off just take one. Take it one day at a time.

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