Lost my faith in humanity again

today at my group session, which I should mention is for people with various disorders, including autism and down syndrome, on top of SZ and BP and others, a group of self proclaimed “Realists” came in and crashed our meeting.

They told us our condtions were “Fake, just excuses to not work and mooch off the system meant for the truly disabled”

They went on to yell and scream at us, making two of the more severely autistic people to break down in tears, calling us con artists and ‘welfare jockeys’. One of them got in my face when I told them to shut up they were making the autistic people scared. I almost punched him. I almost killed him really. He asked me what my F-ing problem was and I told him this.

“I am a paranoid schizophrenic with bi polar, manic depression, and a very short temper” He shoved me…I took two steps forward but Cassie stopped me, shes our groups leader, she is in her sixties, has had depression for the last forty years, and lost her son to SZ related depression and psychosis when he jumped off a bridge thinking he was diving into a swimming pool.

“They aren’t worth it.” Then she turned to them and pulled out her taser. “You have the count of three to get out before I tase one of you and call the cops.”

They refused to leave, so we called the cops. it was a huge mess. our group has been banned from the community hall for ‘disturbing the peace’ and now we have no where to meet. Mean while these “Realists” who said they were a 'division of the All American Tea Party" are only getting a warning for gathering on private property without permission.

It took me this long to calm down…it is almost 11 pm for me as the time of this post. my group meeting was at 12 noon. and was ended after just six minutes inside.

These…these HUMANS, were disgusting, just because our health problems are WITH our heads doesn’t mean they are IN our heads or fake! it made me so mad, so furious. typing with one hand right now and may have to go to the ER later because I punched my front door when I got home and my left hand is the size of a soft ball.

Stupid I know, I shouldn’t have let them get to me like that, but COME ON!!! These people are stuck in the middle ages, when mental illness ‘didn’t exist’…They were spewing all this crap to us the whole time the cops were trying to solve the problem…things that made no sense what so ever.

“Those voices in your head are angels telling you to die!”

“Autism is just an excuse for parents who can’t raise their kids to be respectful!”

“Depression is just being weak, get the hell over it you pussies!”

and my personal favorite

“Abortion is wrong! But you should have been Aborted any you filthy Welfare Jockeys!”

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Disgusting… Where do you live that this took place there?

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I live in maine

I am so sorry to hear this happened to your group. Those type of people are soooo ignorant that there is nothing you can do to change their minds, and they lack any form of rational understanding of mental illnesses, compassion, and empathy. Thankfully they are not the norm, from my experience. I wish you the best.

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Ugh, ignorant bigots. That is truly unfair; your group is innocent in this whole ordeal. It makes me so mad when people do stuff like that. I can’t stand them. I would never wish delusions or hallucinations on anyone. but I kinda wish these people could experience a day of what we experience normally. Part of me says half of them couldn’t last an hour. I’d probably even bet on that.

Maybe after that, they’d crawl out of the cave they live in and take a glimpse of our reality.

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Their words sound so extreme - I guess you couldn’t stand back and hear how ridiculous they seemed. You know the truth. I guess there were a lot of feelings there back + forth. They didn’t have an agenda. If so they wouldn’t have needed to crash in. Instead they needed to be mean.

Thats terrible…waste of effort they gathered discussed and in their “sane” decision decided to put forth this vulgar display of hatred and ignorance…good job holding your composure in the face of such ridiculousness. Im sorry your group was disrupted by a hate crime.

I agree with Twang, that is completely disgusting. Honestly I think they should have spent the night in jail. This makes me really angry. The world is full of assholes who get off on hurting others. You did good though. Be proud that you didn’t do anything rash.

@Dremulf I am shocked and outraged about what happened to you and your support group members. My heart really goes out to all of you and I am so sorry that this happened.

As if it was not horrifying enough for your support group to be verbally assaulted by these people, to then have your group “banned from the community hall” is completely outrageous.

I’m thinking that your support group leader may want to check into civil rights laws in Maine, protections for people with disabilities, etc.

For example, the Office of the Maine Attorney General at:

Also, maybe contact the NAMI Maine for advocacy advice

I hope your support group can find a safe place to continue meeting. Wishing you all the best.
P.S. Better ice that hand!

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That is shocking. I’m amazed that people can be so stupid. I bet if you checked into these guys’ background you could find that some of them have drawn unemployment, or some other form of government largess. I’m wondering how many of them work. They’re too busy telling other people how to live than to do something constructive.

hand is fine, no broken bones, just soft tissue damage

And yeah @Moonbeam we are looking into this, though we do understand the towns decision for the time being, since these people said they would be back again ‘until you stop being lazy’.

The thing about these people, they all had out of state license plates on their cars, mostly Massachusetts…

Our local Civil liberties union rep says they are going to help us get a place to go for the time being, and help us get our place at the Com Hall back. My Local PD is angry at the way this other town reacted, especially the other towns cops, who should have made arrests for disturbing the peace and assault, since the guy shoved me…

The detective I often work with suggested I file a complaint with the other police departments PR department.


For once in my life, I am completely speechless. I have no idea what to say. Sorry this happened, and yes it is a hate crime.

The irony in this whole situation is that while people with sz and bp may see monsters, those ‘activists’ are monsters. I pity their lack of. Those who prey on the ill reveal their inner decay, and while we didn’t choose to be ill, they did choose to be dead inwardly.

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Lmao a bunch of people ambushing and trying to terrorize people with mental health problems, and then calling anyone else “pussies” is quite the ironic joke. Same sort of people who abuse children to feel “tough”. What a bunch of narcissistic losers.


its kinda funny, these people accused us of being welfare jockeys, yet everyone one of them has claimed they need to wait for their disability and or SSI check to post bail, after being arrested for assault and terrorizing, and have asked for financial assistance. and yet they were all PHYSICALLY healthy enough to try and start fist fights with people. The guy who shoved me though will not be bale to post bail, because he came into contact with me and the Com centers CCTV sec cams got it all on video. I am hoping that it goes to the media, but, they wont be mentioning us by our groups name, because none of us want the publicity of it to drag us down.

the other funny bit is, all of them were men, many of them made comments about how veterans deserve our benefits more, yet half of our group is made up of veterans with PTSD, which they also called a fake disease for people who ‘can’t handle standing up for their country’

I love hypocrites…now then I am going to the firing range today with a couple of those ‘pussies’ who couldn’t stand up for their country to blow of some steam, later today anyway. Funny how a guy who was forced to shoot a 12 year old girl because she had a grenade in her hand is a pussy…that’s Billy, whos real name is Dallas, hes a Vietnam war vet. He is so bad off with PTSD that he sleeps with a little doll that he cares for like a child. He named the doll Mei, after the girl the Vietcong sent after his platoon. The whole time these idiots were yeling at us, poor Billy was clutching Mei like a child clutches a teddy bear while their parents fight.

Its not healthy, but thinking about it, makes me want to both laugh at the absurdity of it, and at the same time head to the county jail and beat some heads into walls. It took three of us to go to Billy’s house this morning and get him to come out of the basement. His poor daughter, who cares for him, was furious after hearing about it. This is a 78 year old man, who is so terrified of everything that he lives in a basement modified to look like a military bunker, who needs to have a cloth a doll to feel safe. He barely sleeps (night mares) and has to be fed with a spoon because his hands shake so bad, not from palsy or anything, just from shear fear, that he spills what he tries to eat himself.

Then you have Travis and Dylan, the two most severe functioning autistics I our group, the ones who were crying. sure they are in their 30s but are about as emotionally mature as say a 12 or 13 year old. Their care givers, siblings, have filed lawsuits already because the two of them are refusing to go outside,and it took the group FOUR MONTHS to get them to the point they could be at the meetings with just us, and not with their care givers.

I think the one to sufer the most though was Sara, shes 13, was just diagnosed last summer with SZ BP and pervasive personality disorder, and is terrified that these peope will come to her home. She didnt go to school today ( she was given the day off for our meeting yesterday, because her school is awesome) because she was afraid the people would be waiting for her there.

I am typing this while talking on the phone with Cassy, a we try to set up a meeting for everyone to talk about this experience. The local college has offered us a lecture hall that isn’t currently being used to use for now, and since its a college campus you need to be a student or ‘community member’ to use the lecture hall or even get on the grounds. so that situation is taken care of for now.

I will be going to Sara’s place before I head to the firing range, her parents have asked for one of us to come talk to her and I am the only one who will be free in that time frame. I hate having to do this, because I shouldn’t have to. All these people screaming about how everyone deserves a ‘safe space’ Yet it doesn’t seem to apply to us with the ‘invisible’ disorders.

Was googling this whole discrimination against mental illness thing. Found some articles that made me both alugh and cringe. one article talks about how in a high school in South Dakota, a student sued because a student called her a ‘whore’ after pictures of her ended up online wearing her moms ‘nice things’ saying she deserved a safe space at school, yet two weeks after she files this lawsuit she gets mad ebcuase she gets detention for calling a mentally handicapped student a ‘retard’. This si the double standard people

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I’d separate it out. You’ll never be able to have faith in all of humanity. You might find humans that you can place faith in appropriately. I’d start with yourself. You’ve at least got the confidence to criticize the others.

I’d suggest you work on building a private world that allows you to live to your satisfaction and you leave the others alone. You don’t even have to think about them. Let there slowly churning system eventually settle out into something better. They’ll defend it every step of the way saying its the best it can be, but change is inevitable. There are very smart folks working behind the scenes every day to make this world a better place.

I just with that government was more localized. Allowing for higher diversity in society. The liberals live here the conservatives there. See what happens when a unified school of thought is given a bit more power. I mean the competition of it. Whose world view works the best. Well both will, they’ll just be intolerable to each other. Still be interesting to see.

I’m a communist. The only thing they did wrong was keeping the authority centralized. There is another option out there. New technologies like the internet and cell phones. We could all be plugged into the political system on various level in real time.

That said what we have going on now. It’s not that bad. I can order socks from china via amazon and they’ll be at my door within a week. And for the time being people still need jobs.

That’s the real question. What do people do when they have free time? I mean unlimited free time. Devolve into some drug addicted alcoholic fuckfest where morality eventually erodes entirely and we have total anarchy. I like to place more faith in them than that… but I still wonder if they’re deserving.

Subvert this ■■■■■■■■ my friend. Isolate and live well. It’s the ultimate vengeance of this submissive quackery of an ideology that perpetuates consumerism and extortion of the common man.

Like I said. Communist.

Maine…jesus. Never heard of anything like this happening. I mean I know there’s people out there who feel that way about people on disability checks for mental health reasons. But storming a support group? Wow. Good for you for going to the civil liberties union.

I don’t have much faith in humanity or whatever it is myself after my life experience.

e(Y)e Lost My Faith in Humanity a Long T(Y)me Ago … ,

Jus Got it Back … ,

Faith that is … ,

Well ,

My Faith in Humanity Wasn’t Completely Erased and Buried Under thee Ocean Floor … ,

e(Y)e Tried and Tried and Tried and Tried , but e(Y)e Learned … ,

it First Takes Faith in Yourself … ,

and a Lil Break From thee Entirety of Civilization , Go Within and Accept Isolation & When You Feel Good Again (even if its onli for a dai) Walk Back On Stage and Smile … ,

If it Gets Stupidly Uncool , Then Feel Free to Wander Quietly Back into Your Cave … ,

It Takes Some T(Y)me but Even if it’s Onli One Person , that Carries You Back to Earth , Then So Be it … ,

Your Faith Will Return .

I get this, too, when I tried to apply to disability or mention disability in relation to sz. I think it comes from people who don’t understand civil rights laws. If the system refuses to hire you for a living wage, refuses to feed you, refuses to house you, and refuses to allow you to get aid elsewhere, what happens to you? Capitalism depends on equal opportunity and sz’s don’t get that in the workforce. We are underpaid, underemployed, and underserved.

I just shake my head at those people, who would wage a class war just so that Joe on the street with no money doesn’t get a free doctor’s visit, meanwhile they drink long island ice teas out of expensive champagne glasses while getting free tax breaks through their highly paid accountant.

I am sorry you went through this. I am also sorry your hand is the size of a softball because you punched the wall. If there was any justice, those ignorant oligarchic ableists would have been arrested and given restraining orders, at the very least…

wish we could unionize for fair employment. Like, it’s a catch-22; they don’t want you “getting a hand out” and they don’t want you working in the same room with them either, so they double block sz from making some kind of living.


I can’t even imagine how traumatizing this must have been. It breaks my heart to hear about Billy, Travis, Dylan, and Sara—they must have been so terrified. It is very kind of you to talk to Sara and to try to help her deal with the fear.

I hope that the people responsible for this are held accountable for their actions. You’re all in my thoughts. Take care.