I have put on 10kg's in three months!

I am now 80kg.

Did get from 96kg to 70kg over Covid-19 period Landscaping

I have just been working at a desk for the last 3 weeks, and before that I spent 2 months practically in bed everyday

Really need some motivation to go swimming at the gym…

Had an induction to the gym equipment, but I didn’t like it at all.

I enjoy swimming, the machines just don’t do anything for me

Hope I don’t get back up to 96kg.

If I do it would have been the third time I’d lost the weight and put it back on again

My reason for being so worried is that I don’t want diabetes from these f’ing meds

Maybe I need to watch my diet, but seems downhill now :confused:

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Can’t you work out with free weights? Do the Squat, benchpress and deadlift?

Also take 1h walk everyday?

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I was trying those, but I just had no motivation

Swimming is great for me, but the free personal trainer session I had they told me swimming wasn’t enough!

Used to swim 600m 4x a week and my Apple watch says each time I burn around 300 calories

Can’t be bad?

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Do what you enjoy best. But if you want to pack on some muscle then I recommend free weight training! There’s a bunch of recourses online.

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I am not worried about building muscle.

My goal is to stay lean and prevent health problems associated with weight

Guess I am 34 now. Think you naturally weigh more when you’re older.

When I was 25 I was only 55kg!


Tell me about it, im 84kg and was 74kg before schizophrenia, and then was 78kg for a good few years after that. Only since my second relapse did i go up to 84kg. Also @Joker , bear in mind that could just be water weight, usually adds 3kg to me.

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one trick used to be, drink a whole bunch water before

you eat a meal, and put the meal on a small plate.

but maybe it’s not all about eating, but sitting.

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Good luck with your diet. Even for people that don’t take meds it’s hard to stay on their weight.

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