Loss of mental power and intelligence

I had several psychotic episodes that were never fully treated due to poor complicance with medication. Each psychotic episode got worse. When I finally complied with medication my positive symptoms were all treated BUT I felt a huge difference in my mental power and intelligence

I noticed that my mental power and thinking capabilities were slowly lost - it felt as if there was a mental block on me

I was a high achiever at college and got admitted into medical school where I did amazingly well, before psychosis set in

As an example let’s take mathematics. I used to see the beauty of all sorts of mathematical concepts, but NOW they just seem as numbers and symbols on a page

Does anyone else feel like this?


I kind of feel like this, but the skills are still there, I just need practice and repetition to draw the skills out more naturally.

The universe just put your life in hard mode, doesn’t mean it’s impossible to do what you want to now.


After my first psychotic break I noticed I wasn’t as sharp as I used to be and said it to the doctor in the hospital. I thought he could do something.

I’ve had to accept a cognitive decline from before hospitalisation.


The comment “I’m just not interested.” fits me.

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Yes. I was a top student in my first year of college and got admitted to a very competitive university nursing program. I became psychotic in nursing school and didn’t seek treatment until 8 years later. The treatment was unsuccessful and wasn’t successful until a total of 33 years had passed. The damage was done.


I understand schizophrenics normally lose IQ points. I gather such is true of me.

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I feel this a lot. I was always compliant, but meds didn’t work well for me for a long time. Now I’m much more dim than I used to be. My brain just feels… Sticky? I don’t know how to explain it. Everything is so much harder than it used to be


Having been in critical condition for only a year, I noticed that I wasn’t as intellient as I was before and when I was prodromal. I just took a hit on everything really. I’m worse at chess, math, coding, reading, debating. I took my intelligence for granted. Now I don’t know if I’ll ever get back to where it was.

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I think people with psychosis /schizophrenia are encouraged to use their brain nowadays much more than was the case when I was diagnosed in 1975.
I remember there was an attitude among psychiatric staff of “Don’t read that it’ll tax your brain too much” .
I cruised mentally for years (Is there something in use it or lose it?) and only really got to use my brain again when I got online in 1996.

I never pursued any formal studying though like going to the local college. This was due to severe social anxiety and the realisation I almost certainly had something that would make formal studying an uphill struggle. I came to the conclusion I have almost certainly got learning difficulties years later .

Nowadays young people with psychosis/schizophrenia are encouraged to get well enough to either go to college/university or work. There is a much more optimistic/positive attitude re what can be achieved.


I’ve certainly had moments where i feel extra dumb. It distresses me as i was always a good student. Psychosis robs you of your best assets.

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I was always a top student in school, now I just seem to be terrible at things, and it is really not fair.

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I don’t like to think about the things I can’t do, I hone the skills that I still have, like art. Things may not come easier to me anymore, but I’ve accepted it.

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I feel this way. For me it’s a loss in the power of concentration, I get tired mentally more easily than before by things that I used to enjoy, like reading long books. Also, crowded places and interactions with people exhaust me. It’s hard sometimes, maybe I was too proud of my capabilities,I accept that I may never be the same.

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