Losing some weight, no real exercise

I think I am losing some weight, I look a bit leaner. I really hate to formally exercise, I try to keep a bit more active, walking the dog some, moving a bit more around the house. I have been eating less and I am eating healthier. I just rediscovered Rye bread - its healthier than white and wheat for diabetics like me


Congrats on the weight loss and healthy eating! It’s the best way to lose weight.

I don’t really exercise that much either. Just walking and core exercises at home. But I’ve lost 10 pounds in the last month just from eating healthier. I’m going to stay at it and see if I can lose more.

Keep up the great work bud!




@Wave Very cool Wave. Good for the rye bread, it has more flavor anyway.

Way to go and congratulations on the weight loss. This will really help the physical health.

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@radmedtech Very cool for you as well, you are doing great. 10 pounds down. You already looked trim from the last photo I saw of you.

I love to hear that people can have both mental and physical wellness.


Thanks a lot @radmedtech and @SurprisedJ I am really trying - Congrats Anthony on your weight loss!


Congrats on losing weight, it’s hard to do normally and even harder on certain medicine. I lost 13 pounds this month was off meds.

Going off the Depakote may be helping @Wave. I call it Depa-Bloat.

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Maybe @anon40540444 but it does come off slow. @chrisjjack good going, losing 13 pounds is an accomplishment

I’ve lost 6 kilos just by eating healthy. Not much exercise cos I know it won’t last.
I would like to lose 3 more kilos.