Losing my Sight


I just got back from the eye doctor. He told me I have glaucoma and my eye pressures yesterday were dangerously high. He did laser surgery on my right eye yesterday and I had to go back today to have my left eye done. I am overwhelmed by this. I know there are a few people who never lose their vision but most do. Only ten percent of people with this disease ever need surgery…I"m scared to be blind.


i really need to go to the eye doctor, but its hard finding one that accepts medicaid…


If I’m not blind just in the eyes it must be the schizophrenia! Between blue and red streamers in my vision clouds too. It blue bunnys on my table dancing! Haha. Have to see. My Dr next mouth on my Gluk!


Glaucoma is serious. Your doctor knows what he is doing. The surgery is supposed to make it possible to see, even though it might not be 100%, I have had cataracts removed—something like glaucoma but not the same thing.


have faith in your doctor, and the outcome, take some deep breaths and think logically.
you will be fine.know that some one cares.
take care


I have glaucoma too and I use some eye drops daily which keeps my eye pressure low, I have regular check-ups in one university hospital. In 2012 my eye doc told me not to drive my auto for one week, but further studies allowed me to drive. I may also need to have a surgery, must talk with my eye docs about this. I know one man who is blind and he walks and runs with his sticks daily in my neighborhood. Losing my eye sight is also my scare. My optician said they had rarely people who had so bad vision. I have also diabetes and it may also cause blindness. But still my spirits are high.