My big concern

I am worried about my eyes, I have glaucoma and my eye pressures have not been low enough, even after the laser operation in the summer, now I have two different eye drops I need to use daily, next check-up is later in this month, I really would like these treatments to work so that there would not be more damage in my eyes. Glaucoma can cause blindness if not treated.

Hope everything works out for the best. It’s a serious issue, eye sight.

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No worries because I believe Finland has one of the most advanced medical treatment system in the world. Get well soon!

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I’m sorry. Hope you recover. Let us know what happens

Yes, my hospital is just 300 meters from my place and they have all modern equipment, but the problem with glaucoma is that one can only control it by using eye drops, the laser operation was done in one university hospital and it lowered eye pressures. I just need to use these eye drops as long as I live.

Just like we do with schizophrenia. I need to take pills for the rest of my life.

Exactly, we have to take our meds.