Losing my creativity AGAIN

I was thinking about getting my Cricut for a while … got it finally…Now I am finding I am losing my creativity… I made a few cards, but I think I am done. I hope not thuough, I hope I can carry on this hobby. I hate starting hobbies like this only to ditch them later.

I kept this in the dx section because I feel it’s something to do with my illness. Starting and stopping projects.

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I have the same problem - not even able to start things.

I have tons of equipment gear and supplies for projects.


I sometimes go back to the hobby … But most times I’m just done.


I do this too, Ish. I was off photography for a while and concentrating on other things. Now I’m back heavily into photography and sort of limping along the other hobbies. It’s okay to switch gears. Doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re sick, just that your brain needs to change things up like everyone else does.

[ bites @Ish’s crafting bag ]



I only remember liking to be creative - I think and see things that I can make design - but when I started my last drawing - felt nothing.

So I give up fixated on being upset that i cant start or finish something. Maybe im not creative anymore and that is okay. Actually makes me sad and upset.

But its really hard to find a new identity.

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i like crabs… and cats

I recently switched to traditional art because I feel like discovering new paint styles are worthwile. I’m thinking of investing in gouache soon. If you feel like your creative skills are running out, chances are it’s not. Don’t be afraid to start new art mediums!