Looking to work from home/online, need ideas!

Hey guys, 26 year old not technically dx’d As sz but sadly Im absolutely sure I’m cursed with it… I’ve been stable for a year after a episode of psychosis. I didn’t really have it that bad; the worst was when I was unmedicated I just thought other people were judging me and talking about me. No hallucinations or negatives really except for the side effects of meds which don’t really help me get out.

ANYWAYS, I’m looking for help getting a job and ideas in what I should do. I don’t like to brag but I’m pretty intelligent, for example my neropsych test at 24 (before I was sick) I was verified with my adhd combined type but my IQ on the Weshler (sic?) scale landed me in MENSA. I would not do as well these days especially with my cognition on ap’s but I’m a brilliant writer, did great in college until I dropped out because of sz.

I’m on disability for now and I’m looking for something part-time. I happen to be good at marketing, PPC, SEO, Google analytics and stuff. Sometimes I play with the idea that I could help the local businesses in my area with their online presence/relevance bc usually they’re too cheap to dish out a marketing budget for 3rd party marketers like Pureppc or TrueNorth, etc. so basically I’m more business oriented.

Any ideas for someone my age to get some income to start saving up? I was smart enough in college to put like 10 grand into bitcoin which is now worth $70k so that cushions me these days but it’s not gunna last forever. I also need to stay active and have a lot to offer.

Please please please give any comments questions or concerns you guys have!


If you can help drive a business website up to the top of the page, it would be a good business from home. Google cost so much to advertise on, I have to pay $50.00 a day to get to the top, but I don’t do it everyday, just trying Mondays right now , as the bulk of my calls come in on a Monday.


Here’s a tip- I believe Tuesday is the best day to boost your spending on google ads. It’s when companies and people who are at work finally get back into the groove of the work week and do personal things, etc. like googling.

What type of business do you run? I always feel bad for people who spend so much on ads bc depending on the keywords u want and the page u want it to show up on you can pay well over $1 per click. The avg consumer doesn’t even know that. Sometimes the tax u pay for ordering an item online is the same as the click that converted that consumer into a successful lead!

Pay attention to when you run your keywords too! If u allocate that $50 on the right day(s) at the right time it will buy you more leads than just your standard 24 hr running keywords.

i have to compete with about 7 others, so not to bad, but they are big companies and run the ad 24/7, I go in on a Monday and I only need a couple of calls to make my week, Back in the day I was the only one on google and could not keep up to the calls, now they are all on it.
I can either do Monday, or sometimes I go $25.00 a day and go Monday to Thursday, oh and I only go from 7:30 am till 5 pm

But what business are you in?

If you’re good at writing then this site has job opportunities textbroker.co.uk

I used to look at this site it seems to have genuine jobs on it

I’ve tried in the past to get a job working from home, it’s not easy most of them don’t pay much and there are a lot of scams out there (never pay to get an online job.)

If you’re smart I’d suggest learning programming and make a career out of it, some jobs can be done at home.

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Yes I think starting a freelance programming business is a good idea. I am giving that a shot though I am not that smart. If you have no negative symptoms, why not just go back to work?

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I work from home,

But I built a lot of relationships in my field to do so.

There are legit work from home options, but you need further training for most of them,

Like a lot of people mentioned programming.

I write, and its doable, but difficult to connect with the right agent/representative to get consistent work.

If you enjoy writing, there are options that will get you paid, but not a lot and not all the time.

Listverse pays $100 dollars a list, CRACKED used to pay, not sure if they still do, lots of places will buy a decent article as staff writers become a thing of the past.

Check it out and see.

Trading the forex is very lucrative

Look into dropshipping, it’s somewhat difficult to get into but when you have winning products, it’s really great. Average people are making 6 figures in less than a year with it.

Maybe you could teach English online:


If you’re serious about getting off disability, look into a company called IOS. Income Opportunity Services. They will help you set up an online website based business.

Yes but often it is lucrative only for them. :slight_smile:

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I make money in forex constantly

My niece is a digital marketer:

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I do Forex, too. I fell asleep while waiting to exit a trade. Hours later I woke up and found that I profited $212.00. I didn’t have a stop loss set because…it was a demo account and I was just testing things out.

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