I asked AI how many people with SZ work

And the answer was 15-20 %. Numerous articles stated the same.

I still have hope the percentage is a bit, even a tiny bit, bigger. I hope newer meds will help us more to control our lives.


Is that just for full time jobs, or does it include the part timers?

I’m scared of going back to work anyway. AI is taking over one of my strengths…illustration. Graphic design (the thing I’m trained for) never paid well anyways. I’m so tired I don’t think I could back to school and do all the work. I don’t want to go back to school and accumulate a massive student debt that I might not be able to pay off.

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Well, you probably also have to consider that a good chunk of schizophrenics are not as functional as most of the people on this forum. Some people meds don’t help or don’t help enough to have them stable enough to have a job. Some people arent on medications at all.

As others have mentioned, if you look at the family forum, there are those much worse off than the majority of us here.

There are still negatives and cognitives to consider for many, even for those that are relatively stable but I can imagine it is much more difficult for those with uncontrolled positives to hold a job.


Please stop with the antichrist references @Om_Sadasiva . I’m trying not to flag you or treat you too harshly, because you are obviously struggling, but this can’t go on.

What is antichrist reference??

I assumed your 666 was another reference to your antichrist and Crowley thing. Maybe not.

666 is the half of my full phrase
I use instead of 151515
I use 666/999

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Cos they look cool, as opposites.
Anyway. Sorry if i upset people.
Won’t happen again

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I believe it’s for every kind of job, though I am not sure.

And I wish you the best of luck. Maybe it’s good idea to give for a work a try?

And that’s a religious reference. Stop it.


I want to work, but I don’t want to be bullied for screwing up really easy tasks, which is what usually happens. I’d maybe go back to get a degree in writing, but AI will eventually figure out how to edit better and better…

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I found that once you have a routine, it can be embedded.

Plus if you find you can work, the money can be pretty good once you get past the ‘entry level’ jobs.

My advice is to work for a decent organisation that you get exposed to different areas of the place, so you can specialise and make your skills from there

Still learning after all these years


I’ve tried asking ChatGPT questions I knew the answer to and it gave me wrong answers. Sometimes it’s right, sometimes it’s wrong. Not very reliable yet


I noticed that chatGPT sometimes changes its opinion :smiley: like, really.

One time it gives one answer to the same question, another time different answer

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That’s interesting @BringMeCoffee

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Im working on that. I tend to fall out of routines very easily so ive been creating different strategies to keep me commited to them. Its a tough one for sure.