Looking forward to the event with my friends

Okay,my parent went for a oversea trip to Europe to attend my younger brother graduation ceremony,they will be away for 2 weeks.After they left,which was 5 days ago,I am left alone to take care of the shop and our house.Taking care of both the shop and house is not easy and to be honest,it’s a little tiring as I have to juggle not only the responsibility of taking care both the shop and house,but,also myself.

Btw,I am looking forward to Meetup with my friends in Singapore,a event whereby we will be swimming and chilling at a infinity pool.This event will be awesome,but before that day come I would need to hold on to the responsibility that j was given,and take good care of myself to not to be overly stressed out,as getting stressed out happens more often in people with mental illness.


It is good that you know how to prioritize your responsibility and recreation. :thumbsup:

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Yussssss. You have a great time and I know it’s easier said than done, but I agree with you, try to have fun!! Take care of yourself :sunny:

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you do that every year, don’t ya,
travel, and see your friends?

I remember I think last year you talking about it,
and planning it, and maybe even some pics?

It sounds wonderful.

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I am in Malaysia,which is 1 and a half hour journey to reach Singapore…I travel there twice to thrice a month to meet friends and socialize.

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Gtx Enjoy…
U really are a rich person…

Haha,I hope I am a wealthy person instead :stuck_out_tongue: