I am back from Bangkok

I am in Malaysia now,came back from Bangkok,Thailand two days ago.I am really glad that I went to this trip,i have see a lot of different things and experience something I had never experience B4.

This trip we went to Pattaya the first two days and spend the other two at Bangkok.I go with three other meetup friend and I really enjoy myself as much as they did.I am grateful that my friend planned this trip and done some hard work.If they need my help,I would not think twice and offer them help.

One of my meetup mate is planning a mountain hike in my country nearby the state I lived in.I will try my best to get some information about this trip before we go.

Hope everybody here is doing good : )


Wow glad you had a good time :smiley:


Sounds pretty awesome. And you always say that you have no social skills :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Haha,thanks!! :blush:

I had improve my social skills a little recently


Glad that you had a good time! Welcome Back - :smile:


How’s life?@wave

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So So - Been feeling a bit paranoid lately - seeing my pdoc later today

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**glad you had a good time-welcome back! :dolls: **

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