Today i went for a trip around my town

Its Version 2 trip around my town with my meetup mate

i am not always in a comfortable position but at least i had tried communicating although i need to really participate more in conversation…there is really moment where i feel ■■■■■■ up and anxious but everything was okay in the end,its a sweet ending

BooHoo,looking forward for the basketball trip in Singapore three days later lol,quite hectic lol


glad it went well :smiley: i always find meeting new people difficult but getting better at it because I change jobs way too much so I’ve adapted.

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i really like the way my meetup mates comfort me,i admit to them that i am a negative person and had problem speaking up…but they says i am doing alright and do not look too socially weird to them,i feel really relieved after hearing them said this,they mean it and i at least look “normal” infront of them lol

i tried to go to a meet up but i chickened out :frowning: i get scared bc i dont know the people i’m meeting

i think everybodys social circle is different.Some do well with people around them,i don’t…that’s why I joined meetup,its like a place where I can socialize with people who are at least had similar problem as me…

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good for you man :slight_smile:

i try and make friends through my support group and college and also church, i guess that is a kind of meet up i suppose, we all have our methods lol

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You’re always complaining about not being social enough. Seems to me you are pretty darn social.
Give yourself credit.


I make appearance and slowly improving
Communication skills still need improvement though