I am having company

my nieces and nephews are coming in to town from the east coast for the holiday weekend. they are wonderful young people and I am sure I will enjoy them.

I’d like to pull the positive people into my life more and push the negative people out of my life more. it isn’t easy.



That would be a busy weekend, Judy. Happy for you. How many of them? Are they going to stay with you for nights or are they going to live in a hotel?


hi greenlife. there are 6 young adults coming and they are staying here in my mom’s home nights too. it’ll be a home packed with love and joy.

I hate to say they are so cute because they’re all grown into their 20’s – but they are!! adorable!!

my mom cooked and cooked in preparation for them. I only helped a little bit, since I don’t cook fancy.

how are your plans for the weekend holiday?


6? That’s quite a lot ! I can imagine there will be food, laughter and cheers around the dinner table !
I am up here in China so it’s just a regular weekend for me but I know 4th of July is the national day for Americans.

Enjoy your big weekend!


thank you greenlife. how’s life in china treating you?


that is so exciting for you Judy! My family comes around quite a bit, my mom and my sister take turns visiting me or taking me up to my sister’s house for extravagant meals and quality time with her new found family…really glad for you !


I have a nine year old niece who I get to see regularly as she only lives in the next town over, she’s awesome. But I have another niece or nephew coming soon in Canada. This will be my older brothers son or daughter (they want it to be a surprise). My parents are going up there to see him or her later this summer but alas I cannot go as I am not welcome in the great nation of Canada! But they will eventually be bringing this niece or nephew down this way to visit us so I will see him or her then.

It’s going to be a low key 4th of july for me. My sis and I hide out on the 4th. The rest of the summer is going to have plenty of family Chaos. There are a lot of birthdays in July and August in this family. :cancer: :leo:

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