Are you looking forward to 2015?

i am looking forward to it, i have so much to do and so little time,

i should be getting a new flat at the start of the year, i have received a letter confirming this and its in a nice area nearby,

i am also hopeful about my counselling course and wondering where it will lead me,

my mum has been in a good place last couple of days and for xmas dinner ‘thank god’ and i am hoping it will stay that way and maybe she will come to service with me if i am lucky.

i am also hoping to get baptised this year and idk how or why or where but it just seems like a good idea and i am hoping all my family will be there.

just started a paid subscription on a dating site and remaining hopeful, maybe all this holiday stuff has put people off but i have had some interest just not what i hoped.

health problems hopefully will be getting better as soon as this cough and chesty cough goes which i think it is nearly and also mental problems, stress and anxiety should get better and has with a new anxiety med.

anyway i hope everyone else is looking forward to 2015 :thumbsup: it’d be a bummer if you weren’t, and if your not i hope you can talk about it on here,

take care.

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Seems to be a continuation of this year. Hope to get my dental work finished so I can eat the things I’m missing like hamburgers. My surroundings seem a little tidier so maybe that will continue. I bought the Mindfullness for Dummies book. I’ll tell you if it pans out to my liking. Maybe write some poems. You, too.

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