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i want to work with people suffering from mental ill health, i think i ca do it but i will need some advice about benefits and things, i need a better off calculation, i was hoping that there may be a safety net incase anything went wrong but the theory of it is that if i love doing my job enough then i wont be worried about the financial downs just the gains, i’ll try and weigh up the pros and cons.

pros - doing a job that i love, helping others, exercise, learning, better use of my time, feelings of accomplishment, possible mortgage opportunities, i might meet a partner. i can save as much as i want, more normal

cons - less time at my clubhouse, less money, possible anxiety problems, if things go wrong, less time caring for my mum. less time to myself, more stress.

its basic but it is a very hard decision that i will have to weigh up very carefully,

i don’t seem to be able to find permitted hours work that i like, i’ll keep looking but i’m not ruling out part time work if its good enough, i just need more information to make an informed decision.



A lot of peer support specialist jobs are very part time. Also, they’ll understand if you’re too sick to work.



i’m in the uk, peer support work here tends to be voluntary and may lead to a part time job but its not guaranteed. (i think)

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Yea peer support paid roles are not easy to come by in London. There’s a few rare ones with the NHS. But not much especially if you are looking for part time.

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Oh ok. It was worth a shot.

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it is still a foot in the door in terms of trying to get a start, i saw a vacancy with a mental health charity as a relief worker but i thought i probably wouldn’t get it, i’d like to try though (i think) its just the hours i’m not sure about, permitted work rules will be changing soon unless labour halt the roll out of universal credit.

but they had other opportunities that stood out and were very appealing to me including different types of peer support, group work, one-one and befriending stuff, looked very promising.



That would be a good start to test the waters a little bit.

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Good luck Daydreamer I’m sure you’ll find something suitable for your job preference. It’s not always easy but you’ll get there

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tbh i am fed up with handouts, i hate having to rely on the state and i want to try and stand on my own two feet lol.

i am constantly trying to better myself and its all part of my recovery which is ony really possible with the help of my medication.

@Pianogal i hear you :slight_smile:
@Butterflyy i’ve been trying to do this for ages, hopefully this year i can fulfil all of my dreams lol



As a mentally ill person I can say if you wanna help others do charity… I was thinking I loved someone who wasn’t real… I had all these dreams and then on my bday a hallucination. I’m a psychotic I am paranoid but… Meeting someone on my level would be tragic
As for you just hang in there you don’t need money if you’re happy. I mean love and stability but not extravagance.

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its more about expanding my boundaries, breaking through barriers, reaching new heights, ultimate independence, exceeding expectations,

charity work is fulfilling but i need that added incentive as well



Best of luck to you @daydreamer!!!

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Hope you find something that works out for you @daydreamer!

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