Therapeutic paid work?!?!

has anyone heard anything about this type of therapy? i asked the people at the advice centre (which is totally confidential) what i should do if i wanted to try and do something work wise, i then explained about how a man had offered me a few hours doing a bit of gardening and how i said i couldnt do it bc i didnt want to get in to trouble and lose benefits which i rely on,

so he asked others at the advice centre about it as he was a bit unsure and they told me to ask my nurse for a letter stating that they think a few hours a week of therapeutic paid work would be beneficial for me, so i phoned up and i asked my p/docs secretary and she said they would discuss it before my next appointment and let me know what they think.

i have a good feeling about this but i am trying to be cautious at the same time lol, it a tricky subject and i think it will take a long time before i am ready for a proper job.

has anyone ever heard about any paid therapeutic work for people with metal health problems?


Haven’t heard of it, but it makes proper sense.

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Are you maybe referring to Certified Peer Specialist?

What would this “paid therapeutic work” entail specifically? What exactly would you be doing? Did they tell you? Which end of the therapy would you be benefiting from?? Would you be GIVING the therapy or RECEIVING it?

i think the work is the therapy depending on what it was and also getting paid is pretty cool too, and actual wage lol i havent had that for a while well i’ve never had a proper wage anyway.

My son used to do a lot of work on the side. Gardening, mowing lawns, painting… it gave him a little extra money. He is able to GET a job, but can`t sustain very long. What you are talking about is something new for me. Going to check this out! Thanks~~

Yeah, I’ve done a lot of work on the side in the past for my family. Same stuff as your son. Painting, mowing lawns, digging up tree stumps, pruning, cleaning gutters, weeding, etc. I actually used to do it quite regularly. I used to work at Sears unloading trucks and my mom lived right down the street so after work I would walk over to her house and work for three hours in her yard and then have dinner with her and my step-dad. And that reminds of when I was a teen, before anybody knew I was sick. I got my first official job when I was 17 at a restaurant. I had to lie about my age to be able to work nights. I told them I was 18. Anyway, I lasted three months before I quit over some stupid reason. That started a string of low paying jobs until I got obviously sick at age 19. I had about 15 or so different jobs, but I never lasted more than three months at any of them. But it was kind of a running joke in my family. I was great at GETTING jobs. I just couldn’t keep them !!

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Not trying to be nosy-did your mom pay you?

Yes, very well. But I can’t remember exactly how much. I’ve done yard work for famiy and friends my whole life but I “retired” about 6 years ago.

**Without telling the whole story…I giv emy son money every week for whatever he needs-plus groceries when his food card runs out. Was thinking of having him come over and do some things that I cant do. Was going to pay him but cant really afford more. Thought maybe it would giv ehim something to do. **

i was doing all my mums gardening for free without pay but it is easier now, i think she might be getting the council to cut it for her now though idk, i will cut it if it is overgrown. thats about all i can do really,

sorry for bumping this up after a year but i just wanted to say that hopefully this therapeutic work thing will get off the ground soon, i could have had a little job dog walking/sitting but the person changed her mind, what i am wanting to do is some supported permitted work which is better bc i will have a support worker keeping an eye on me and i can get help from her any time i want i think, it is such a relief.

the biggest problem i have incidentally is anxiety not sz which is strange to say but yeah, anxiety really floors me, i have a very low tolerance for stress so i think that will make it harder to find something, i thought i would be causious and take a stepping stone first so she is going to go through some preliminary stuff first and if i feel i am able then she can refer me to the therapeutic work support worker.

We have a variety of kinds of work for people with mental health issues in the Netherlands. There are day centres where you can do unpaid therapeutic work, there are placements as paid full time peer specialists in mental health teams, there are protected paid work placements for those who can handle it. Volunteer work is recommended for people with most conditions as a way to keep in touch with the social fabric.

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