Locking of threads seems to be escalating

@pob is it ok if i ask why you originally came here? rehabilitation could fall under moral/social support if you are here for that? which is totally ok.

if you are lonely and you dont need support for sz, why dont you try like a poetry class? with people? that would help, it could be uncomfortable at first but i think you might enjoy it

i originally came here to vent and release from my previous episodes and see if others have experienced similar hallucinations and delusions, which has helped immensly. I no longer feel so alone in the struggle and that is very relieveing

im just curious is all

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I think people come here for a variety of reasons from practical support to the ability to socialise with those with similar experiences. Unless someone is disrupting the forums I don’t see a problem, and even then I would make a distinction between deliberate trolling and someone in the midst of a psychotic episode.
For some recovery may be an achievable goal and any help they can get is good but for some recovery after many years is not a realistic prospect.

Should the link to the forums be forum. thosewithschizophreniadoingwell.com ?

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Maybe I’m being self-centered by thinking you are including me in this category or thinking that you are talking about me specifically. My goal is to try to present a normal face to life with schizophrenia, much like pixel does. Maybe I don’t ask for help enough but I like to think I am helpful to other members and that I am offering good, productive support. My off-topic posts about spiders or American Idol might serve the dual purpose to show just because I have schizophrenia doesn’t mean that I, as a schizophrenic have lost my sense of humor or that my life is not all doom and gloom. Yes, my life has MUCH doom and gloom on a daily basis but I have good days and good things happen to me too almost on a daily basis. So I share the positive side of my life. I think my posts of a few weeks ago showed me at my most delusional. I did not like myself like that and I realize that I have a choice in the matter. So I show both sides of my life, positive and negative. Sometimes I like to post just to be social and start a funny thread.I don’t think I am dominating the forums with my trivia or something that strikes me as funny or interesting. I find that you guys can help me with your positive posts or writing about your lives in general. I personally see people supporting each other often. But granted there is always room for improvement on this site.



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Firemonkey (or anyone) are locked threads really a valid issue? Just scroll down the list of topics. It appears to me that locked threads are actually uncommon.There is not even a locked thread every day.

Nevertheless it seems to be going in a direction I’m not interested in following. Just because you’re into recovery doesn’t mean that’s the only way to go. I enjoy the diversity of outlooks on this site. I’ve grown a lot through just hanging out here.


I had a post deleted I guess because it wasn’t nice enough.

I need online people to commune with who aren’t intimidating to me. I would miss this site, but I think I’d be OK with my writing…lonely enough to do the work that is my own. I’ve taken classes. That is behind me now, partly because of my negative symptoms/side effects. I originally came here because it was here. It took me a long time to get to where I could communicate…I guess that’s what I want out of it.

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Also, there’s more that one way of recovery.

For sure. That’s cool.

Thank you for your reply

Going into delusions about aliens might get someone else into the delusion. I read about on here someone talking about how they saw a 40 ft tall cat or cat statue on top of a dumpster in an ally and he wishes he had touched it to see what would happen. I thought that was really interesting. I didn’t get off right then but that part of that post has really stuck in my mind because when I got off the computer and went into the other room I saw a cat on the desk out of the corner of my eye before it jumped off and ran away.

I don’t think that it isn’t ok to talk about that stuff, but I can see how someone could really get into a delusion if it is… hashed out I guess you would say? That multiple people are confirming the idea and basically adding backup to it. I think they want to stop people from just getting on here to talk about aliens. Also if someone is fighting that delusion, having it right there to jump right back in the middle of might be dangerous.

I think a lot of us talk about things on here because we are lonely or we just don’t have anyone else we can tell. Like the problem I had with one of my professors hitting on me. I was scared to say anything to anyone because I was ashamed and I didn’t really feel like I was necessarily being hit on… I don’t know… C said I was getting hit on so… (I just opened up to him recently about this). I am still pretty socially delayed (I went to an all girls school) so a lot of this stuff still confuses me and makes me uncomfortable. But I definitely felt like if I told C or anyone else they would do something about it and everyone would start talking about me. I talked about it a little on here and that helped. I wasn’t even ready to admit that was what was happening even to myself. This is the only place I felt I could say anything. It isn’t sz or sza related, but I needed to say something about it.

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I could say the same thing.

I enjoy being treated nice and feeling A LITTLE BIT like I belong. Believe me, in real life I don’t get treated very nicely. Maybe other people could say the same thing.

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Hi @pob. This seems to have upset you a lot. I’m not sure what happened however to my knowledge a moderator has not deleted any posts of yours. Perhaps there was a glitch while posting? Do you recall which post it was or what thread it was in and I can look further into it.

Where are the rules of the forum? I was on another forum and the rules were always posted at the top in a thread. So if you were new you could find them. And they were always a reminder that there are rules.

Pinned to the top of each category, the first post in that category, is the guidelines.

Also FAQ can be found to the left of your avatar, top right.


I do believe there are many on here who are dedicated to healing and support. There is a vast core of us who I feel does try to be helpful and supportive the best way we know how.

This past week my wheels have been burning off.

I try very hard not to post when I’m starting to get wobbly because no one wants to discuss plant emotions with me. But there are times when I’ve posted that I regret when I’m back on level ground.

There are some people who have helped me so very much over this past year… and even this past week.

You know how it is… there are always a few who effect the vast many.

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yeah its getting over th etop.

It actually could have something to do with rehabilitation if someone got a 57 Chevy and devoted all their time to restoring it and took pride in it, rather than sitting around doing nothing. It would be a positive hobby…

Firemonkey and others,

We might be a little more assertive in terms of locking posts - but its usually with respect to a single area: people jumping on a thread of discussion with support for what from our perspective is likely delusional thinking, and therefore encouraging that perspective.

From my discussions with psychiatrists, they tell me that you don’t want to encourage or reinforce delusional thinking - that just makes things worse. At the same time you really don’t want to challenge it - because these are typically pretty fixed beliefs and challenging them just damages the relationship with the person. better to just say “ok - that sounds like it would be stressful, though I don’t have that belief myself”.

This forum is for positive support of people who have schizophrenia or who are concerned or want to help people who have schizophrenia or may have schizophrenia. By positive, I mean things that help move people in a positive direction - either just through social connection, or directly through sharing inspirational or helpful information.

Its not just for people who are well, its not even just for those who are just trying to be well - it might just be for people who are trying to survive at the moment. Of course the longer term hope of mine is that eventually all people will get more of a recovery-oriented mindset - but I’m sure not everyone has that all the time and so we have to be tolerant of people who might want to talk about other things - like 57 chevys, or whatever - because that helps form the social connection with other people which I hope will ultimately move people more towards a recovery mindset.

As long as discussions are not moving in a negative direction and might help people then I see no problem with them. Of course - as with all things in life - there are a lot of gray areas.

We’ll try to be a little more careful about being too quick to lock threads and if we are too quick - feel free to complain to me and we’ll evaluate the rationale for the locked thread. Like everyone - we moderators are imperfect people, we make mistakes and we generally keep trying to improve ouselves.