Local university has a program I’d be interested in


They have a music program. I think it’d be cool for me to study music and also poetry writing in English classes and stuff. I never wanted to go back to school but maybe if I can commute it’s like 5 mins from here and it’s a 4 year but not too expensive compared to other schools and I think it can be really helpful and interesting and maybe it’s just what I need. I’d probably start non matriculating and see how I do.

I’ve said I’d go back to school at 30 years old if I haven’t found anything. But maybe I can do it at 29.



That sounds pretty cool. Hope it works out for you if you decide to go for it.

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It’s a pretty intensive degree

The Music (B.M.) degree program core consists of at least 42 credits common to all music students:

  • Private lessons on the major instrument each semester of residence (at least 6 credits)
  • Four semesters of music theory (12 credits)
  • Four semesters of aural theory (4 credits)
  • Four or more courses in music history (12 credits)
  • Piano study (2 credits or more.)
  • One semester of music technology (3 credits)
  • Performing in one or more ensembles each semester of residence (at least 3 credits)

Each concentration consists of 38 credits, so Bachelor of Music students complete 80 credits in the major and 40 in the liberal arts and sciences. See the [Concentrations) page for information on our Music Business, Music Education, and Music Performance programs.

General Education Requirements

ENGL C101 Composition & Rhetoric: 3 credits
MATH C105 Intermediate Algebra: 3 credits
HUM Humanities Core: 6 credits
SOSC Social Sciences: 6 credits
SCI Natural Sciences Core: 6 credits
FA Fine Arts Core: 3 credits
FYS 101 First Year Studies: 3 credits
CAPS C390 Capstone Seminar: 3 credits
Liberal Arts Electives: 7 credits

Total: 40 credits

Although I already have some of the general requirements from other schools

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Seems like a big load. I doubt I could handle it, especially the way things are now. But I never liked school all that much. I like learning new things, just not the academic environment.



I like the idea of doing something you love in school but not grinding through something you hate for a piece of paper in the end. Without even the need to retain the knowledge much!! That’s no good. But having a passion, mission, goal, interest, and not being like 18, 19 anymore sounds awesome to me.

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You should try it.

I was apprehensive about going to college at first, and I really struggled the first year trying to sit still and to not laugh inappropriately at what the voices said to me, but I met 3 friends there and we are still close and I get invited to so many more parties now. I went to my local community college and I’m going to graduate with a degree in computer science later this year. I hope to get a better job once I do graduate.



My mom got a bachelors degree in music and is a violinist. But she earned almost nothing as a musician and has only earned any real money as a secretary in her youth and then as an office manager at my dads office starting about a year ago. Playing the violin was her passion and she even joined several symphonies but she said that there is only money in music teaching lessons to others, but she didn’t end up teaching much because she also has schizophrenia and was scared of people in my neighborhood stalking her.

At this point she says she often wishes she had gone into biology instead of music. She said that a few people make it big but that there just isn’t much money in the performing arts. I think it’s because there are already so many recordings of everything that competing against those makes for very stiff competition. Probably the only money you can make in music is as a composer but not as a performer for the most part.

When I was younger I wanted to be a pianist but my senior year of high school decided against it because it’s too hard to earn a living that way. You have to be the best of the best to earn anything and even though I was good I don’t think I would have made it. Maybe you can make it as a composer but as a performer you have to teach lessons.

If you’re going to enrich yourself and learn something new then it will probably be fun. If you’re doing it to make money then realize that you will probably make it big or not at all.



I decided to take a poetry workshop at a local art center to start. It’s like $260 for 12 hours of class so it’s not a huge investment but it’s a start. Thanks



That’s great to hear.

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I love the idea. Music is the center of emotion. I think studying music is a great idea! I wish you the best in it!

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