Local Minds

I self-referred to the local minds group. I have never met anyone there or been to any group. However I went there to be assessed. And the people who came in and out to use the service seemed ill. Like one of these people looked like they had not taken a shower or changed their clothes in ages. And I know I sound like a judgemental prick but I feel it’s not a good idea to be around people with mental illness after all. Just too sensitive for this because other peoples problems effect me too much.

So maybe I’ll try find some other kind of mutual support group so we can help each other on different topics not just mental illness.


Might be a bit hard on yourself. You have been extremely proactive lately. I hope you are patting yourself on your back. You defiantly deserve it.


hey ish how is urs job going…??

I think it went well today but I still need training but I’ll be okay.


NOT at all. One has to be able to identify with the others in the group. That one was full of homeless types, which is common. You need a group for working class people, and there are such things. If there’s a class A psychiatric hospital near you, call them and ask for a referral to a group that works for you. They’re all over the place now.

There are also some very good 12 Step groups you can look up on their website locators. Adult Children of Alcoholics / Dysfunctional Families and Co-Dependents Anonymous are often very helpful… and quite tolerant of sz pts who identify as such so that the others understand what’s up with our behavior. Cost? usually a couple of bucks a meeting.

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Yeah I understand what you are saying, I once went to the psychiatric department at the local hospital.

It was 7 am and I was thinking about getting synthetic meds until i saw all the people there for emergency med refills,I guess they ran out unexpectedly.

Some were in a terrible state,but hey we are all suffering .

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