Living life with a useless brain

What’s the point of living life with a useless brain?

what to do with a brain that cant think?

what use is a brain that cant take decisions?

what use is a brain that cant take decisions to make your life progress?

day in and day out, year after year its the same life is just at is, at a standstill

something must change and break this deadlock.

but nothing is happening.


Maybe new meds? I was like that, but not anymore


maybe u r right.

but i am stable on the current meds

so …

You have only negatives now? No positives?



In my case, little positive symptoms made me forget negatives, gave me energy etc. Were you always like that? The dead mind feeling? Or with the current meds?

not always but that feeling has been there for a long time.

but with the current meds its very prominent

What’s the reason they are prominent? Do you have a theory?

no i dont

its just that way and i feel the brain is not good

Get someone elses brain

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lol u r funny


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Don’t be rude to yourself.

are you venting or are you been trying to tell us something.a hint.

It’s very simple

I m just Telling what I feel

I feel brain dead most of the time. I can’t remember things and I have trouble thinking critically.

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enjoy the small things: a hearty meal, a stroll in the crisp air, a good book, a new movie, a volunteer gig, music, a craft or hobby. if you feel life is meaningless, there are plenty of dead people who’d like to trade places.


i feel somewhat similar

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i dont think life is meaningless.

i m full of life

its just that my brain doesnt cooperate

@steffifan ,I don’t feel that my brain is “dead” or that my life is necessarily “meaningless”. I feel that my mind is not as sharp or quick as it used to be pre sza. Nowhere near. I am now diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment.

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My brain is like that the doctor even told me I have some neurodegeneration

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