Damaged brain how to survive

Well with a brain which is damaged to the extent that its not able to think what is the use.

i mean if the brain cant even think rationally what other work can it do.

how will one find job with this kind of brain condition?

how can one survive?

Since it cant think properly 90% of the time is wasted in fighting negative and useless thoughts.

Oh so fed up of it.


I am so well today. I can totally teach people how to get to this state, it’s not cheap though.

I’m unmedicated, voices are so mild that if I am annoyed by them I can take a half mg of Haldol and get total peace of mind. They’re not surrounding me anymore, to the extent that I’d hear messages over every noise. Now noises just sound like noises.

Going to write a book and blog on it.


i dont have positive symptoms

i have negative, i cant think properly, very tough to think.
on meds but they dont help much

You just have to try to power through it and maybe try new meds. I struggle predominantly with negative and cognitive symptoms as my positive symptoms are treated effectively but lately I have been doing better likely due to my new addition of Viibryd as an antidepressant at 10 mg.

Medication won’t solve it all, you just have to do the best you can and realize you may not be up to par with doing what you used to be able to do. It’s not easy working with mental deficiencies but try not to give up.

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yes u r right.

thanks for your encouraging reply

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No problem, it helps to be able to talk about this stuff with others here too because alot of the time our brain tells us we are worse off than we actually are.

I have almost given up so many times but many of the times things are temporary and I am able to get back to a better place later. I know I won’t ever be who I used to be mentally but that doesn’t mean I am useless or worthless.


so very true

i have never given up

I don’t have negatives. I am without intrusive thoughts and unmedicated today.

Part of it is careful regard for diet, avoiding neuroinflammatory factors.


as for me i totally ignore my diet.

i eat what is served to me and what i like.

i just take the meds at night and they put me to sleep

That’s why you’re suffering.

People are clueless about this generally. I need to fill them in.

I’ll start work on my book today. Too arthritic to clean my room so why not.

maybe thats why it is or maybe not

but i think my diet is pretty ok.

i m ok to some extent

yea i think we gotta accept that we can’t work. I’m on disability for quite some time already now and i feel better accepting that i won’t work anymore.

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I accept it for the time being but

I wanna work in the future

what kinda job would you like to do?

I look for something like a clerical not too stressful

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