I don’t have life

I have lost passion and hope

Don’t feel that way!
You art seems passionate
Maybe it could be a solace

My art is useless

You seem to be in a sort of mood

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I hate everything and embrace negativity

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That sounds like depression or something

It’s not depression it’s called no life

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Well depression can be rooted in fact

I better die then drink those ■■■■■■ antidepressants

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No better not to die

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Why? Who cares nobody cares

People on the site surely care. The idea that it’s all good you can die and nobody would care is absurd

They don’t know me I’m here just digital self

No, I really think you shouldn’t kill yourself. I think you’ll enjoy life again if you wait long enough

You’ll be alright, you have nice personality, you have job, your art is nice.
Don’t give up,
Better things are coming for you.


I don’t want to have better things

Now you just sound like a child

You think so now,
When good things will come for you… it will be different

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Ye whatever they will not come Becouse I will not let them hahahahahabahah

It’s your choice. Just be wise.
We have only one life, and it should be lived to its fullest.