A good brain

Hi guys

My brain is crapped up.

I am fed up to bear with it.

I cant think properly bcoz of it.

I have had enough.

What to do?

When will my brain work as a normal person?

i am on meds but they just keep me calm they dont heal the diseased brain.

bcoz of it i have become very unproductive

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Meds only work for positive symptoms, not for negative and cognitive symptoms.

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if so is the case then why do have to take meds if u dont have positive symptoms

You never had positive symptoms? No delusions, no paranoia, no hallucinations?

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No delusions, no hallucinations

the symptoms i had was i was always irritated and angry, would be verbally abusive and physically abusive to my parents, always suspicious and doubting about everyone and everything.

sit in one corner of a room, not go out, not talk to anyone, would harm myself at times nothing serious but some small harming.

after the meds all this has gone

That’s like paranoia, I guess that’s what made you angry?

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maybe that was it

u maybe right.

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I was the same with my family, violent verbally and physically. I was suicidal too. I think suspicion and paranoia made me like that and angry. I broke walls, glass and mirrors in my house when unmedicated. Meds calm me by reducing my anger significantly.

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yes as u say maybe i had paranoia

now i dont het angry or violent physically or verbally

i have calmed down and i am very silent.

its just this brain thing where i cant think and am unproductive is all that remains.
my brain feels as if its heavy.
this i want to get rid of then i will be cool like normal again.

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Ive often felt my brain is bad and it has been, but things can get better. Dont give up. But, i do think we need much more than meds to get better. Possibly new ways of thinking can help.

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yes u r right

and i have hope

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