Living in the 60's

well that’s what it feels like lol, i have a record player and i just changed my tv and macbook settings so everything is in black and white, my eyes were getting really irritated with the changes in colour and contrast all of the time, i really think that all of this artificial light is affecting everybody and that after a few generations (if we last that long) all of our eyesight will be really poor,

It’s making us grow taller. Maybe we are like plants.


found something else that was born in the 60’s

pink floyd, here’s their new album minus one member (two if you count syd)-

I missed out on pink floyd. I was into singer/songwriters. The couple of times I tried to listen - too much instrumental introduction for me. Seems almost like you’d have to be on drugs to listen. imho


I downloaded “endless river” when it came out on Spotify…it’s o k…too much instrumental…there are vocals at least on one song I heard. I like it and it is growing on me but at least it has some of the keyboardist on it I think since it’s from years back that they have been putting it together. You made me laugh @pob about being on drugs when you listen to pink floyd. that band was my favorite band to smoke pot too. a lot of acid in my high school years listening to “wish you were here” and “dark side of the moon”.

@mrhappy I need to get a turntable too.

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It’s hard to believe that the sixties were over fifty years ago. I was born in 1959. I spent my childhood in the sixties.


here’s a BANKSY

@mrhappy have you seen the film Exit Through the Gift Shop?

no, (15 characters)

I’d recommend it. Banksy made me think of it. Its about street art, and how one man, who might be mentally ill, becomes an overnight artist.

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