This is the strangest life I've ever known

Good morning SZ community. Can you feel it now that spring has come?

I can’t because it’s still snowing.

Just enjoying my cup of coffee. First day I got to sleep in in my new apartment.

Gonna bundle up inside and pray for it to get to warm.

Does anyone get the reference I’m playing towards? My favorite song right now.


The reference escapes me.

Good post though.

I agree with the sentiments of the title.

There’s just something about the Doors and Jim Morrison. Idc if he was a douchebag, because he has such a personality in his music. He’s probably my favorite artist. I’ve posted about it a lot. RIP.


This life is ■■■■■■■ absurd. I do so many things as well if not better than most normal people, yet my experience and perception is grossly abnormal. I hallucinate the strangest and most convincing of things, but I have learned to block out what is fishy and to pay attention to what is most likely real.

For example, a meeting with a professor is time to pay attention and consider it to be real. What people in public say is all over the place. What I hear even alone just in my head sometimes is obviously not real.

This life is absolutely strange.

It’s also like being in a nightmare while awake.

I had a nightmare last night about presenting my research questions and validating my constructs to the lab while on THC, forced fed edible cannabis crap and then psychotic as can be. That nightmare was not that bad compared to how I feel when I wake up and need my morning meds.


I’m not gonna say I think I do things better than your average person, but my experience and perception is certainly grossly abnormal.

Your post brings thoughts as “what is better?” I question the word “better” and “good”. Nothing is real to me. Why should we be expected to perform at a high level. Our society is weird to me. Call me a hippie but all we need is food, drink, water, air, survival, shelter. I wish we could live as basic as we could. I wish I grew up in the early 1900’s when we were all connected to ourselves moreso than others through technology and whatnot. Idk what I’m saying but I hate how new trends come along and people obsess over them. But I guess the obsession comes simultaneously as the trend, otherwise it wouldn’t be a trend.

I like sports, I like beer too. I don’t like sitting on my ass but I find myself doing it more than I like. Hell I don’t like driving. Weird world. Weird life. I just wanna farm in heaven while smoking joints all day like I used to do with my painting job.

such a beautiful day today :slight_smile: me and sweep went for a walk

i managed to get a haircut and then we went shopping

here’s my song for today-

things are getting better i think, hope, lol



Ridiculous isn’t it?

I can count on being telepathically harassed all day long. Seems real. Well for the most part anyways. Other times its obviously not. Then get around people again.

I really cant believe this is my one and only life and there is nothing I can do about it.

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I believe in rebirth, myself! Nothing better explains the inequities otherwise observed.


Aside from total indiscriminate chaos…

Power to you though.

I did entertain reincarnation for a while. My hallucinations were actually telling me about it.