Live your life

In past lives.
I connect with sailor moon.
I literally got flooded with so much truth. Dreams aka visions since I was a kid. Very sensitive. To people I couldn’t have friends bc I felt like a negative attack on myself. I was prophesied over as having discernment I would get visions amd dreams from alpha.
It was a light draws in nad maybe.
When youre in a negative world you tend to soak up a lot of negativity so its always like a test.
In my dreams im in love amd in heaven with my husband. But bad juju.
Bc theres an apocalyptic event thats wanted from me being with him and God is giving us free will.
Free will.
I know that in my next life that he’ll be a woman. If there is suvh a thing. I asked God. And prayed about that
A wkman who has lots of kids and im a tall 7 foot black man I’ll pray that he’s a tiny lil woman… Labor sucks. I feel that it’s literally retribution.
I got visions of all these past lives
So Idk. I read archon crap amd thats when he said " baby what took long.ive been.waiting for you"
That signals an end.
We light up. Magnetic. It was like the universe exploaded in extacy.
But we have free will and as much as I want to hate him. As much as he deserves it. As much assult by his orchestrated crap.
I felt everything and heard demons and I got visions that he was behind it all…
So, then I love him and I miss him terribly but it isn’t time. I do love him and hes my soulmate.
With my vision I was tired amd we had heaven. And we went to sleep amd he held me.

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