Living a dream

Totally different from living THE dream, haha. When I woke up this morning I had a split second where I wasn’t aware of my body, my proprioception was all thrown off and it was very weird.

All my other voices are gone and only the evil one is there. I don’t know what to make of this. Everything is getting blurry, my vision is getting worse in real life as I get older and better in my dreams. It’s funny because my dreams used to be blurry!

I felt oddly at peace today, even though I felt like I was looking at the world through a blurry telescope. I got this idea that Earth was like limbo for lost and confused souls, who got sucked in either by accident or by desire. Then we roam around here until we either grow evil enough to descend to darker realms or good enough to ascend to higher ones and leave this in-between world behind. Until then we die and get sucked right back to earth, almost like it’s a prison we can’t escape from. We don’t have anywhere else to go, since we aren’t good enough to live in higher realms and aren’t bad enough to live in lower ones. I’m trying to figure out how to break ties with this world so I can leave for good when I die.

I dunno, those thoughts will probably change over time, just like all my other beliefs. I’ve just felt very silly and light headed. How are all of you doing?

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I have tons of similar thoughts. My dreams have been very vivid while my perception of reality just seems off. It seems others make more sense of reality. But at the same time they make less. I’ve put reality into “words” while they just live naturally. And the life or death thoughts I have similar beliefs and it is helpful to hear your opinion on it. Thanks.

I believe that Earth is hell or limbo depending on who you are. But I like to think about the Steve miller quote “You must go through hell before you get to heaven”.

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nobody knows what reality is so you may well be right. who’s to say you’re wrong. it’s the general consensus without scientific knowledge that has formed our opinion of what reality is. now we have science, we are even more confused. there is a theory called the holographic principle which states that the world and universe or even multiverse may just be a hologram…a virtual world…a simulation projected onto a 2 dimensional background. we will find out in a couple of years time apparently or at least be closer to finding out. what would we do if we found out we were living in a hologram? i should imagine there would be a collection of cults across the world wanting to epxerience life outside the matrix and there would be a few mass suicides but other than that not a whole lot would change. it wouldn’t be mainstream news and even it were it would still be reported as just a theory. if it were proven beyond doubt, some religions would say it proves the existence of god, allah…whoever, most people wouldn’t give it a thought much deeper than after dinner conversation to be honest. it’s only when you’ve experience a shift in your perception of reality that you start to question what in fact it is, hence your post. i personally don’t know what i believe in. the hologram theory is only good for you if you are a player and not a sim and knowing my luck, i would be a sim…surely i’d know it already if i were a player. and who’s to say what’s outside is any better than life inside…it could be a whole lot worse. this simulation could be preperation for what comes next or it may be completely different. who knows…it’s something i’ve given much thought to recently…what is reality, heaven, hell, god, demonic entities…i guess when you think you’re close to death you ask the big questions in life. my husband did. i wonder sometimes if he got the all encompassing knowledge he thought he would get when he died. who knows. good post though. guess we’ll all find out when we get there…either that or we’ll go on to the afterlife still asking of god exists and what is reality. maybe we’ll never know as the more we learn, the more questions we have. it may be an infinite conundrum. and there i shall leave it. good post

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next question…!?!
take care from the clinically sane :alien:

Kinda like the tv series LOST