I wish I could be

Like that person I feel I am under everything, the person I sometimes am in my dreams. Absolutely carefree. Curious and friendly. 100% secure and deeply trusting of God to protect her from any harm she could not handle herself. No fear whatsoever. And of course I miss all my powers…though since that self of me, my true self, has no interest in fighting it’s not as though the full extent of them are used…

She’s so comfortable with everything and not self conscious at all. Purely genuine.

I hope when I die I can return to this state. Who I am now has become all confused and warped because of existence here. I need to get back to my roots.


It would be pretty cool to have powers. However if you used your sudden powers would that be abusing them? Depending on the type of power I would potentially do some dark stuff to eek out a living. Well I say that it could be like when the voices were telling me to hurt people in the hospital and I couldn’t do it.

I’m talking about the powers I have in my lucid dreams. Admittedly I definitely do not always use them in the most righteous way LOL. I never go crazy or anything though, like I don’t try to take over the world or anything. Typically at worse I just cause mischief. I have been incredibly violent before but it’s 99% of the time self defense.

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If I had super powers I would use them to change the world for the better. To inspire, not to dictate. I would do it through teaching and training others to teach and so on.
and…I would use them for fun too :slight_smile:
I wish I had lucid dreams of having powers. No such dreams over here.

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I think it is harder to complete complex noble goals like that when your higher reasoning ability is shut off in dreams XD I’m terribly impulsive in them

I relate to you very much in this. Unfortunately for me my dreams are tainted with my waking anxieties and insecurities, so that doesn’t provide much release, apart from rest.

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