Little Victories

So I’ve been going well with a jog in the mornings. Seems Like I’ve picked up some bursitis in my left joint where the leg hits my hips and it’s painful to drive and sit for too long but other than that doing well.

Last two days I’ve hit 30 minutes of running and a distance of just over 4 Km’s. It’s not all the time as there’s a set of steps that is a flight in my fitness tracker so I do my ten flights there in between. Still…

I’ve been jogging probably 1.8 minimum moving up for a month now and my resting heartbeat is down from 75 to around 65. I’m slowly winning the battle with health…if only I could shed a few more kilo’s but Rome wasn’t built in a day.


Way to go! That’s awesome!


Kick ass man! Exercise is always a plus. You’ll probably live to a nice and old age.

Your heart is thanking you. :blush: :heart:


Well done @rogueone! Sounds like you’re managing your fitness really well. I hate exercising in public, unless it is just a walk, then it is okay. Keep up the good work.


You’re doing great @rogueone! Keep it up.


Good job! Keep it up!


Kick Ass isnt that a movie also, but probably not popular right??

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